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Non Standard Pin out - PNP

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by PFITZ, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. PFITZ

    PFITZ Guest

    Hi All,

    First off I want to apologise for x-posting this request, it's just
    that it's pretty urgent and I thought more people might see it in

    We've had a board back that has a BC807 on it and the emitter &
    collector pins have been mixed up on the board.

    It's a SOT-23 package with a pinout as shown on pg 2 here

    so looking down on the board we have the following as a pin layout.

    1 2

    Currently the BC807 is 1-Base, 2-Emitter, 3-Collector

    I need a device that is 1-Base, 2-Collector, 3-Emitter in a SOT-23

    Does anybody know of a comparable part that comes in this pinout?

    Thanks for any help in advance, could do with finding a device to fit
    this rather than having to respin the board.

  2. _

    _ Guest

    How many boards?

    Could you bend the leads and mount the part upside-down?
  3. PFITZ

    PFITZ Guest

    There aren't that many boards so this might be a possibilty for the
    time being, would like to know if there are any other alternatively
    pinned components out there though.
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