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Non-fire outside strobe?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Interested, Dec 24, 2003.

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  1. Interested

    Interested Guest

    X-no-archive: Yes

    First - THANK YOU to those who replied (both here and privately) to my
    plea for contacts at DSC or Tri-Ed... The situation has been resolved
    in several ways.


    We're installing systems in each of our buildings on campus (currently
    9, but we're growing) to protect equipment in "SMART Classrooms" (A
    big pile of magnapulls -- no doors/windows/motions since we aren't
    alowed to touch that stuff and the rooms are left unlocked (nearly)

    Our University Police Department (UPD, real state veichle driving, gun
    carrying, law enforcing, Cal PC 830.2 police officers) will have a PC
    running Sur-Gaurd's ReporterIP at the dispatch/communications desk and
    all of the alarm systems will have T-Link modules. Right now, the plan
    is to place several sirens in each building, primarially for the
    deterance/"someone knows your doing something bad" factor more than
    anything else. UPD will dispatch/respond on all alarms. Except any
    limits that the T-Link interface or ReporterIP software impose, UPD
    will know exactly which room in which building is causing the alarm,
    but there will also be a LCD keypad inside the primary entrance to
    each building.

    ---------HERE IS THE QUESTION--------

    I'm wondering if it would make sense to install one or more
    horn/strobes or siren/strobes on the outside of the buildings, and, if
    so what strobe color/sound should be chosen to (1) avoid it being
    confused with the building fire alarm (Some use voice, some use
    temporal 3, one uses a hi-lo, and the rest use a slow whoop) and (2)
    be consistent across campus. [I'm somewhat partial to Wheelock, so if
    you know a part number that would be just right...]

    On one hand, it will bring attention to the building, make even more
    noise to bother people trying to steal our stuff, etc., etc. and on
    the other hand it's [at least] one more thing to purchase, wire,
    mantain, test....

    So whatddya think?

  2. Jakes452

    Jakes452 Guest

    You need to be careful using this group.
    Be sure to closely investigate (primarily if you
    buy online) any of the online alarm seller, especially if they claim a ASA
    certification, a totally false and misleading certification (see that
    later). You wouldn't want to buy from someone
    whose sideline is understanding your alarm system for the purpose of
    exploiting it later byknowing your codes or maintenance access numbers. Be
    wary of those who do not have a brick and mortar store.

    When I was shopping and using this newsgroup some online dealers advertised
    a ASA certification with a picture of a ASA emblem shown on their website.
    It gives a good first impression but when you look into it you find out that
    it was nothing more then some....guy.... creating a website to supposedly
    post complaints, with no entries of complaints or follow-through. It was
    analogous to someone flashing a police badge that turns out to be fake. The
    ASA moniker is a badge without any accreditation and surely this is
    misleading and potentially a scam.

    Some of the free advice you get is not because of someone's unselfish need
    to make the world a better place to live. Most are giving you advice on the
    hope of getting a sale or...."other" information. Listen but don't act on
    the advice until you can confirm or gain some trust in the source by
    researching them.

    Sometimes you can learn a lot about sellers by plugging in email address or
    screenname into a Google search of past news postings. You will be
    surprised, THAT SHOCKED..... at what you find out about those
    offering to outfit your alarm.

    This is a very unregulated online business, and especially risky for
    something as important as security.

    good luck....

  3. Jakes452

    Jakes452 Guest

    if you think you are getting advice knowledgeable and reputible industry
    people, just look that the type of posts that occur here, especially by the
    same people who are giving you advise.
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