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Nokia 3230

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 9, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    i have a problem in my nokia 3230 . this problem started when one day i
    unplugged from recharging.

    just after i unplugged, the display started blinking and displaying
    things on wrong places, everything is jumbled. the first few screens
    are shown (welcome screen etc) correctly

    i can take calls, type sms, listen to radio etc, but it doesnt display
    things correctly. also the camera doesnt work.

    please help me to find what the problem is..

    thanks in advance
  2. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Can't say for sure, but most of the time when my phone (or anything else
    with microprocessors) gets scrambled, I've found that removing power
    completely fixes it.

    Turn it off, take out the battery, wait a few minutes; then reverse the

    I wouldn't be surprised if that fixes it.

  3. Guest

    As the LCD in a phone is an LCD-module, with a controller chip, and
    it's controlled by just a few bits (a few wires), loose connections
    between the phone and the display (which can result missing some of
    those bits) can cause strange behavior of the display. Clean the
    contacts and make sure the connection isn't loose, it might help. If
    not, then the LCD may be damaged.. although there mght be a fault in
    the phone as well :-|
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