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Noisy Guest Revisited

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Vito, Jan 20, 2004.

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  1. Vito

    Vito Guest

    Writing in the December and February issues of QST, W1ZR describes using a
    Guest charger as part of the "UPS" for his ham shack. He found that a choke
    wound around an Amadon FT-240-4-3 core close to the Guest on the AC side
    plus a "brute force" "Pi" filter composed of 0.01uF capacitors (RS272-131)
    and 8 turns of 14Ga marine duplex cable on a Amadon FT-240-61 core beat the
    noise down to 60dB. UMMV

    73, K3DWW
  2. Vito

    Vito Guest

    While no responses are necessary or expected because the message only
    conveys info without asking a question, the subject is certainly on topic
    since Guest supplies very popular but noisy battery chargers.

    What's your beef with that?
  3. Vito

    Vito Guest

    W1ZR claims that winding as many turns as possible around an Amidon
    FT-240-4-3 core on the AC side and a Pi filter comprising 0.01uF caps and 8
    turns (all that fit) of 14Ga Marine duplex on the DC side, buth as close as
    possible to the Guest, fixed the noise in his landlocked QTH. I haven't
    tried it myself yet .... I'm waiting for you (c:

    73, K3DWW
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