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No UHF on 13" Panasonic TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by James Lee Johnson, May 5, 2005.

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  1. My 13" Panasonic TV quit receiving UHF early in its life. I think it was
    still under warranty, but I didn't have time to pursue it back then.

    The digital tuner will display the station number, but nothing is received.
    The TV is NOT set on CATV, however, when I set it there the result is the
    same. VHF is received fine, as is FM radio (This unit is a combination TV,
    FM radio, and VCR).

    The TV specifics:
    Panasonic 13" TV+VCR+FM
    Model: PVM1349
    Date: June 1999
    Tuner: Panasonic ENV56D55G3

    Since everything works except the UHF reception, I'd hate to discard the TV.
    Unfortunately, all our TV stations except one are UHF. Any help would be

  2. Art

    Art Guest

    May need to change the tuner or have the support circuitry for the tuner
    repaired. Confirm the proper voltages are available to the tuner. Since this
    is a model with the VCR embedded you may consider having it serviced for
    you. The only voltages you will see there are probably the 30VDC @ # 9 and
    the 5VDC @ #6. The rest of the control is via the serial and data lines from
    the MPU. IMHO it may just be the tuner.
  3. James Jones

    James Jones Guest

    Go here:

    They have your replacement tuner in stock for $33.03.

    I recently ordered some parts for my daughter's portable CD player. I
    was amazed to find the parts available at a reasonable price in this
    "Throw it away and buy another" society we live in!

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