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No sync crt Tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dav.p, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. Dav.p

    Dav.p Guest

    I need some help 'cause Italian NG or formus doesn't help me much..
    Many years ago i've much probably caused a damage to a Daewoo DTG2997 crt Tv (chassis C1000)
    connnecting a computer to it, one 12v may have been connected for error to the ground and came in
    to the tv through the RCA video/audio cable's ground, now AV inputs, apart antenna, doesn't work
    well, if i put a RGB signal through the SCART AV cable the image is visible but without any sync,
    if i put a videocomposite signal the screen is empty/dark (dark grey), so i don't understand why
    antenna video signal is displayed well and other inputs not.. (i'm not an expert).
    theese are the relevant pages of schematics:

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Dav.p

    Dav.p Guest

    The obvious place to start is at the sync input pin on the SCART
    Thank you, for now i comment what i understand..
    so you say that P/Sw is used as a sync input (+blank)?
    i don't knew it well... so maybe the faulty part is only that
    signal? Since i have made an error on reconnecting cables to Crt,
    (i have connected a 2 little wire connector with a X-ray signal on it (??)
    with an empty socket, there was 2 empty sockets, on the PSU, with
    the optional function of a P/C signal for switching on PSU from
    tv now seems to have one more problem, i hope i solve this soon,
    for now i need to know, the RGB input from scart card goes on the teletext
    card to be MUXed with TEXT rgb signal, to avoid a problem to the Mux,
    i have connected with wire the scart rgb IN with the out in this same card,
    also the signal named F/Sw (?? before was P/Sw), in the out connector near
    P/Sw (named only Sw) there is a signal Sh, is this a sync signal also?
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