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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BigTom, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. BigTom

    BigTom Guest

    NEC FS-6331 Chassis PWC-2517 63cm tv

    Fuse is ok. Sound is working fine.
    theres no glowing light in the crt neck.
    esr on the caps seem ok.
    cant see any dry joints anywhere.
    what should i be looking at next?
  2. CJT

    CJT Guest

    blown horizontal output transistor?
  3. BigTom

    BigTom Guest

    i removed the horizontal output transistor (C4770)
    used the diode test function and found:-
    B-C junction reads 524
    B-E junction reads 595
    all other combinations - no reading
    from the datasheet it looks like a normal transistor
    (no inbuilt diodes/resistors)
    Where to from here?
  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Do you have HV?
  5. BigTom

    BigTom Guest

    i refitted the transistor and tested the voltage at the main filter
    touching the front of the screen while its on produces static.
    after i unplug the set and short out the big red wire with my homemade
    probe, i get a spark. think i need a bigger resistor.
    what should i check next?
  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Ok so the horizontal and HV are working, but you say there's no glow in the
    neck? First thing to do is find the heater pins and trace them back to where
    they get power, probably a cracked solder joint somewhere.
  7. BigTom

    BigTom Guest

    I traced the pins to the mainboard and found a bad solder joint on the
    crt neck board. Tv is working ok.
    Thanks James and CJT :)
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