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No Picture on Zenith rz56z83 projection tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by linky835, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. linky835

    linky835 Guest

    i have no picture but i have sound, hooked it up to the rca's t
    bypass the tuner card and still no picture but the sound works fine
    Had module 9-1674-2 replaced about a yr and 1/2 ago for the sam
    problem. Would it go out that fast again
    Thanks for any help
  2. Guest

    Yes it is possible that the 'remanufactured' module has failed again.

    It is always better to actually repair the module rather than replace
    it with a 'rebuilt' one.

    If they did not replace the hv splitter, it may be bad now and also
    would have taken out the same module. It is also possible coolant
    leaked onto a board or a picture tube has failed.

    It is a Zenith RPTV and they are not known for the best reliability
    from the later part of the 90's, especially right before Zenith's
    bankruptcy avoiding buyout by LG electronics (Goldstar) in 1997 or 98.
  3. John-Del

    John-Del Guest

    Another problem is that LG pulled the plug on real Zenith HV
    transformers, leaving customers with only Chinese garbage replacements
    for the boards (which last months to 2 years max). I stopped doing
    these several years ago because of the junk transformer replacements,
    but started servicing them again using Diemen (Spain) replacements,
    which run much cooler and have been trouble free up till now.

  4. linky835

    linky835 Guest

    Can you tell me somewhere online that i could pick up the parts fo
    the repair?
  5. Guest

    It is unlikely that you will be able to actually repair and align the
    set unless you have the training and service information available and
    in hand. If you want an idea of the cost of any repair parts, any
    Zenith parts supplier online can give you a rough idea of the parts
    prices so you can be educated when looking at any estimate for repair.

    You will have to first troubleshoot and determine what is the actual
    failure in the set, the root cause of the failure, and how many
    additional parts were damaged from the failure. Once you have this
    knowledge then you can research and order the replacement parts needed.

    If the hv splitter does get replaced, then it does take some special
    test equipment to properly readjust the set. It also requires a
    special test generator to perform the adjustments when the
    sweep/deflection module is replaced.

    In any case you can find out the suggested retail prices for most
    Zenith parts at Realize that there will be shipping
    and most servicers do need to mark the parts up a little bit to cover
    the overhead of doing business. Also realize that for most servicers,
    it costs an average of $65 an hour just to keep a good field technician
    on the road. This includes wages, vehicle costs, inventory on the
    truck, insurance, taxes, etc. At a minimum the typical labor cost if
    it can be repaired with only a couple of trips is around two to three
    hours of cost to the servicer.

    You might be able to get some help from Zenith customer service if you
    used a Zenith authorized servicer and they purchased the rebuilt module
    from Zenith. Even though the repair warranty on the part was likely 30
    days, LG/Zenith sometimes does assist with a second repair in the
    interest of good customer service. They might send that replacement
    part to the servicer at no charge this time and you would pay for any
    other parts and labor involved, helping with part of the repair cost.
    You will need a copy of your receipt from purchase of the set and all
    repair invoices since it was new to have any chance of assistance. The
    worst that can happen is for them to say no, but you will not know if
    you do not start calling.
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