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No pictuer, Buzzing sound from tv Panasonic TX-24A1 (sound started for short period now constant)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by John Bond, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. John Bond

    John Bond Guest

    Hi I have a Panasonic colour TV, Model No. TX-24A1, Series No.
    I'll start by saying I have no experience fixing TV's but I am an
    experienced computer engineer so I don't mind getting in side and
    having a play. This TV is quite old perhaps Ten years,
    * Five years ago something inside it broke (im not sure what I didn't
    own it then), they believed this to be a tube of some sort. It cost
    thirty English pounds to fix if that helps
    * The TV has generally worked fine up until I have had it, however on
    sporadic ovation (1 every 6 months or so) when the TV was switched on
    all the colour, contrast, brightness and sound values would be reset
    to 0
    * I later learnt that the above problem could generally (I can't
    remember this not working) be rectified by switching the TV off and
    back on again.
    * Finally I woke up this morning switched on the TV and there was no
    picture, but the TV made a short, 5 second broken doorbell (med
    frequency) buzz.
    * I switched the TV on and off a couple of times and the buzz changed
    to a slightly higher frequency and remand constant
    * All of this reveals no picture or sound from speakers
    I have only tried basics
    * turning brightness, colour, contrast and sound up to try for
    * opened TV and hade a smell, couldn't smell any burning or see smoke
    That's it any help would be grateful thanks
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