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NMEA-serial port

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Philippe, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. Philippe

    Philippe Guest


    Is it possible to have 2 navigation programs running under Windows 98SE
    at the same time, using NMEA on the same serial port (com1)

    Thank You
  2. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    I was trying to run
    Raytech 4.1 and MapSource (Garmin) at the same time
  3. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    I tried
    Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 4.0 from Eltima Software
    Platforms "Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP" is compatible with:
    Windows XP
    Windows NT 4.x
    Windows Me
    Windows 98
    Windows 95
    it does not work
  4. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    I think I was wrong
    what I need is a serial splitter
    that works with windows 98SE
  5. Me

    Me Guest

    This guy really likes seeing his own stupid pronoucements on his screen.

    Hey dude, Goggle is your FRIEND, right?

  6. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    If you're an advanced programmer, here is an explanation that will help
    you write your own:

    Pretty interesting explanation.

  7. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    Maybe the solution is to upgrade to windows 2000
    I have a 450 Mhz processor
  8. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    That's a good idea, there is a lot more ongoing development of software
    and drivers and stuff in w2k than in 98se.

    I did a search for a freeware virtual serial port program when this
    thread started the other day and was surprised that I could not find one
    for windows 98. There was quite a few for 2000 and XP and maybe even a
    freeware or lower cost shareware one.

    When you go to w2k (try a Workstation version, stay away from Server
    editions) spend a little time getting everything in the Windows Classic
    display mode, and turn off all the Display as a web page stuff. With
    that and a few more tweaks, it will look almost exactly like Windows 98.

    Another advantage of w2k is the ability to better control some of the
    finer aspects of networking and the various services that were much more
    obscure under 98se. As an example, for the most part, popup ads can be
    controlled by turning off services that you probably don't want or need
    anyway. And in w2k, the Administrative Tools allow you to look at and
    control many aspects of your hardware and software.

    Good luck with that!

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