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NiMH charger recommendations?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by DaveC, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    First of all, this is a request for a *recommendation*, not a request for
    someone to do Google searches for me.
    - - -
    I need a charger for AA, AAA, and 9v batteries. Four of the AA or AAA
    at a time is OK.

    I see very few that support all these batteries (Maha makes a
    separate charger for 9v). Of those that do, not all use delta-V
    termination (or don't specify).

    Of those remaining that qualify, I've not heard of the manufacturers
    ("Powerlzer"? -- that's not a misspelling), or Chinese no-name ones:


    The Tenergy TN190 is the only one I've seen:


    Does anybody know of such combo chargers? Can recommend one?

  2. Ecnerwal

    Ecnerwal Guest

    I can recommend the Lenmar Mach1 Speedcharger for the AA/AAA part of
    your need - bought mine in 2007 and have been quite happy with it for
    4-1/2 years and several dive trips feeding camera and flash lots of AA

    But, of course, it does not do 9V. Requiring that one box do it all may
    be excessively limiting your choices...
  3. I own an Energizer CHM4FC, which you can get for around $25. It handles AAA,
    AA, C, D, and 9V. There's a NiCd / NiMH switch for cell type. I use it for
    5400mAh C cells, and it works fine.

    The catch is... The maximum charge current is ~ 500mA, and you have no
    control over what the charger does.

    Get a MAHA PowerEx MH-C9000. It does only AA and AAA cells, * but you won't
    regret it. You can pick the charge rate, and there are functions (such as
    refresh and capacity) not on simple chargers. You can see exactly what's
    going on.

    The current $52 price seems high (I have two, purchased at around $40 each),
    but Thomas occasionally has sales.

    * MAHA told me it has no intention of making a C adapter. Rats.
  4. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    I like the La Crosse chargers. Got one at home, one at the office. Cells
    are charged individually, selectable rates, falls back to trickle charge
    when full, reports time/volts/rate/amp-hours. Refresh cycle (discharge,
    charge, repeat until stable).
  5. Lord Valve

    Lord Valve Guest


    I have an older version of the one you linked, without
    the fast/smart capabilities. I've had it for three years;
    it's been flawless. And the high-capacity Tenergy
    D-cells (10,000 mAH) I use are also excellent.

    Lord Valve
  6. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    It turns out that the Tenergy charger uses delta-V termination on all except
    the 9v battery. Also, has condition function (discharge before charge) on all
    except 9v.


  7. It turns out that the Tenergy charger uses delta-V termination
    As a 9V battery uses six cells, it might be difficult to determine an
    appropriate dV for the battery as a whole, given that the dV could be only
    1/6 of that for a single cell.

    If you tend to thoroughly run down the cells before recharge, that shouldn't
    be a problem.
  8. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    It turns out that the Tenergy charger uses delta-V termination
    Ah, good point. Series cells difficulty.
    Good to know.

  9. DaveC

    DaveC Guest
    That's the same charger that La Crosse puts its name on:


    With such a wide range of good AA/AAA chargers and a dearth of AA/AAA/9V
    chargers, I might get a dedicated 9V charger just to take care of those...

  10. Mr.CRC

    Mr.CRC Guest

    I have that MAHA charger and it can't correctly discharge Sanyo Eneloops
    (I think they have a little higher impedance than other cells) and the
    charger uses some horrible high current pulse mode.

    Then on charge one day it put >3.6Ah into one of my 2Ah cells. I don't
    use it anymore.

    Then again, I have had troubles with the Lacrosse BC-900 type chargers
    too. Only they just break after a while, but work Ok in general.

    There are also hobby chargers. I have a Thunderpower at work for some
    LiPo cells.
  11. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

  12. Adam Funk

    Adam Funk Guest


    My favourite home battery charger is the one I bought in Tesco in
    Korea a few years ago: you can charge any number (up to 4) of AA or
    AAA batteries, mixed in any order, independently, and it has a
    sensible set of light meanings:

    * no light: no battery in this slot
    * red: charging
    * green: charged
    * blinking red: battery doesn't work

    and I've been getting quite a few of the last one recently. I guess I
    should get those NiMH batteries back out of the bin and try them in a
    "less sophisticated" charger to see if they work again after that?

    I certainly like that one. All the numbers & options have a lot of
    geeky appeal. ;-)

    (The one I mentioned above is fairly fast.)
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