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NiMH cell charging

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Engineer, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Engineer

    Engineer Guest

    Perhaps some of the experts here could address this - I am not a
    battery expert!
    We have two digital cameras, both Canons - an A75 and an SX100IS.
    They gobble up AA MiMH cells, particularly the SX100IS which uses only
    two. I have one NiMH charger and one old NiCAD charger.
    I also have a variety of NiMH cells, from green "no name" ones to
    state-of-the-art Sanyo "eneloop" types, with some other brands in
    Some questions:
    Can I charge the NiMH cells in the NiCAD charger? I think this
    charges them more slowly as they don't get as hot as in the NiMH
    Could I even leave them in the NiCAD charger to stay fresh? Not so
    sure about this as it does not shut off (old analog design) - but I
    could regulate the input AC voltage to turn it into a trickle charger
    (but NiMH's might not like that, either.)
    So, all comments or suggestions elcomed... also any other other
    proven, established NiMH lore or sources!
    Thanks for all replies
  2. Blarp

    Blarp Guest

    Charger: if it is an old < C/10 charger - no problem.
    (I am doing it for years now, occasionally forgetting to take the
    cells out etc. Very bad procedure, but does not seem to hurt cells

    If it is a fast charger - don't! delta V is different.

    Most batteries fail in cameras due to Ri being too high, not due to
    lack of capacity. Failing batteries may work well in e.g. a radio, but
    not in the camera.

    I seem to observe that *lower* capacity batteries perform *better*
    with respect to Ri and lifecycle.
  3. Engineer

    Engineer Guest

    Indeed, yes... a bit arcane!
    Typical NiMH's today (2008) are 2100 mAH so "0.1C" would be 210 mA.
    I should check my Sanyo charger - my guess is that it exceeds "0.5C",
    i.e. an amp, or so.
    Still looking for a Maha/Powerex MH-C9000 charger.
  4. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

  5. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    I've been a Thomas Distributing customer ever since I had an intermittent
    problem with a Maha battery charger and they sent me a new one (next day),
    and didn't request I send the faulty one back. You can't beat their customer
    service. Plus, they usually include batteries, battery cases, and charger
    travel cases and cigarette lighter plugs with their chargers. Lowest price
    isn't always the best deal.
  6. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    Really? A C9000 and deluxe case is $65 including shipping at Thomas. Newegg
    wants $66 with shipping but no case. The cheapest Amazon vendor wants $65
    including shipping, but again no storage case. 17StreetPhoto wants $67.40
    including shipping, but no case. Thomas is looking good to me.
    I bought a dozen of the new type low-discharge NiMH AA cells from Thomas.
    Love them. I'll never buy regular NiMH cells again.
    Don't use 'em, but thanks.
  7. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    And the extra cost. Main question is do you *need* an 8-cell charger? If so,
    get the C801D, and get a cheaper charger for the car. The heavy duty power
    supply for the C801 is nice. I used to have a MH-C808M charger that had the
    same type of supply. The C801 is the Cadillac of chargers, no doubt, but
    unless you need the 8-cell capacity, I'd go with the C9000.
  8. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    One more consideration: The C801 and its power supply require about FOUR
    times more bench space than does the C9000.
  9. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    Dunno. Have neither. I get by just fine with my ol' C401FS. I didn't like
    the cell contacts in the 808. Don't know if the 801 uses the same contacts.

    As I said, if you need 8 cell capability or want to spend 50% more money,
    get the C801. Otherwise, go for the C9000. JMO.

    Visit and and compare
    the two. Why not compromise and get the C800S?
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