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Nikon Flash Glue Failed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BeeJ, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest

    I have a Nikon flash.
    The back control plate (glued on) fell off allowing all the internal
    slides to drop out.
    I spent a while figuring out how to get them all back in the right
    place and order.
    Now I have Scotch tape holding the back on.

    I would use Lexel but after opening any size tube the self life is very
    poor. Lexel is terrific.

    I hope to find a similar product in a small tube to use.
    Please do not suggest cyanoacrylates.
    I do not like them.
    They have never worked well for me.

    Any other single tube adhesives any good?
    Last resort is epoxy, but I really want to avoid epoxy.
  2. "BeeJ" wrote in message
    You might look at SureHold Plastic Surgery. Fry's usually stocks it.

    You might try an adhesive for rear-view mirrors (though I believe they're
  3. Jerry Peters

    Jerry Peters Guest

    AFAIK they're a form of cyano-acrylate. The additional part is an
    "activator" which causes better adhesion to the glass.

  4. GC Bond or any sort of synthetic rubber dissolved in solvent. It's good
    forever if you have it in a glass bottle and cap it correctly.

    It remains supply for a while permitting you to change your mind or
    reposition things.

    There are other makers of this stuff, but I have no idea what they call
  5. mike

    mike Guest

    The stuff they use to glue rubber seals onto car doors is interesting
    for gluing flat stuff together.
  6. mike

    mike Guest

    The stuff I have is Scotch-Grip # 847.
    I expect most anything you get from the car parts place should work.
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