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nightime cooling

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by j, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. j

    j Guest

    I can reroute my central solar collector to blow in air from a shady
    and cool part of the yard into the house. This would be distributed
    through the heating vents. So, blowing cool pre morning air instead of
    what a whole house fan does: sucking it out into the attic from open

    That would seem to be useful cooling, at least for some days.
    However, morning air has a high relative humidity and since comfort is
    related to both temperature and humidity that would argue against
    changing out air that has been air conditioned (lower humidity).

    Is it worth the effort?

  2. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Really depends on how cool that air is.

    My gut feeling is that it wouldnt be worth doing but when
    you dont supply the actual figures for temperature and
    humidity, its hard to so for sure.
  3. Jim Wilkins

    Jim Wilkins Guest

    I've been venting the house when the outdoor air comfort factor is
    better than the indoor one. Here in New England the range where I need
    to figure in the humidity is outdoor temperatures around 65-70F and
    humidity over 70%.

    I take around 3% of humidity as equal to 1 degree F, so 75F and 70%
    humidity inside is equivalent to 70F and 85% outside, by adding 1/3 of
    the humidity difference to the lower temperature.

    The sensing could be automated, but opening and closing my tightly
    sealed windows and attic hatch will likely remain a manual operation,
    so I just read the instruments and do the mental math.

    This is the actual water content of air vs temperature:
    The relationship is non-linear and barometric pressure affects the RH,
    but for the restricted temperature range where the decision to vent
    isn't obvious my linear relationship seems adequate.

  4. j

    j Guest

    It's tough to open and close windows automatically!

    I've just started looking into the Arduino:

    Humidity/temp sensors are readily available. As is wifi. It would seem
    doable to vent the house with consideration for what the weather will be
    like later in the day. Ie, no reason to cool the house when it will be a
    cold day.

    Thanks for the rough guidelines for heat index, they would seem to
    suffice. I'll set up a full manual operation and dream about the
    automation until I find time!

    We are into May/June weather here (80's), so it has me thinking...

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