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Nicole Bischoff needs our help moving

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Stacey Chuffo, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. I thought I would double her balance but Amazon said that they payment
    amount was too low.

    What's 0.00 times 2 again?
  2. Dan Litov

    Dan Litov Guest

    I put a negative sign in the default 5.00 just to see if I can get five
    dollars from her and Amazon told me "Invalid Amount."
  3. I put parenthesis around the 5.00 and still got "You entered an invalid
  4. Guest

    google the email address:

    E-mail: . About: This community is for all of
    the wonderful money slaves, submissives, and folks who wish to lavish
    Me in gifts.
  5. , ye horn-mad quicksand of deceit, away! Thou
    art poison to my blood, ye wanted to talkee-talkee about:
    X-Trace: ...

    Spam complaint #2839783 sent to
  6. I'll help you move Nicole, with my motherfucking foot you motherfucking
  7. What about all her G's from Stripperweb? None of them could come through for
    her and send a few bucks her way?
    What a bunch of fucking fucked up bitchez.
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