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Nicad for B&D

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Gregory T. Buchar, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. I have a Black and Decker Shrubber, that had 2 of the 5 cell's shorted
    in it's Nicad pack. I was able to zap one of the 2 bad batteries and it
    will hold a charge. However, I've still got one bad battery. The
    battery appears to be a sub C. I'm guessing these are standard NiCad's,
    as opposed to high capacity or rapid charge types? Does that sound
  2. WbSearch

    WbSearch Guest

    Usually yes, and 1800mah are available at radio shack
  3. If the normal charging time is more than two hours they are
    standard. It's time saviing to replace all together as you
    will need to replace the rest shortly anyway and even while
    working the cell capacities will not be balanced -- some could be
    reversed in use .. The zapping is also only a temporary fix.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    I might check Radio Shack. I didn't realize they would carry anything
    like NiCad's these days. It's probably been a year or more since I've
    visited a Radio Shack.
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