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Nicad and ordinary battery

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by eswnl, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. eswnl

    eswnl Guest

    I have opened an ordinary battery to get the carbon rod and the black
    powdery stuff around it stained my drawer. I had some nicads in there
    and I was wondering if the nicads would be affected?

    Some of the batteries did have some white stuff on the positive
    terminals, but this could be down to old age or misuse.

    Should I be concerned?
  2. Guest

    I assume you mean it stained your desk drawer, and not your intimate
    apparel. :)

    I probably tore open a hundred batteries as a kid for carbon rods, and
    haven't suffered any ill effects so far. Some of the things I did with
    those rods were a lot more hazardous though. Anyone remember the "build
    your own arc lamp" project from the 70s?

    Non-rechargeable batteries contain manganese oxide or potassium
    hydroxide, which are not particularly deadly, but you shouldn't let the
    kids play in them. If your other batteries are crusting over, it may be
    because they're old, and vapor is leaking out through the metal cases,
    which means it's time to dispose of them in a responsible manner. The
    case gets thinner over time and will eventually rupture. They're okay
    to use in a flashlight, but you don't want them bursting inside your
    favorite walkman.
  3. eswnl

    eswnl Guest

    Yeah, some of the nicads in the drawer had some white stuff on the
    positive caps, I just hope that the nicads leaked because they were OLD
    and not because of the slight manganese dioxide that might have been in
    contact with them.
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