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Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd charger repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Peter Orban, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Peter Orban

    Peter Orban Guest

    Hello Everyone,

    I was given a faulty battery charger that was DOA when bought, except they
    never bothered checking it, and now it is too late to return.
    The charger is an "Ultra Rapid Charger":
    It also looks like that it is equivalent to the following Sayma charger:

    I did find a cold solder joint inside that I fixed. I tested the charger
    with four AA size Ni-Cd batteries, but after about two hours I disconnected
    as it was getting so hot. The batteries were also quite hot, a lot warmer
    that with other chargers. Two of the batteries were flat before charging
    while the other had some juice left in them, though not sure how much. The
    batteries now seem to be fully charged.
    I am reluctant to declare the charger repaired, I am concerned about safety.

    Any comment on the above?

    Thanks, Peter
  2. mc

    mc Guest

    Some circuitry relating to current limiting or time-out seems to be faulty.
    Is there a solder bridge anywhere?
  3. t.hoehler

    t.hoehler Guest

    Hope this helps,
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