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NG electric question

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by no one that you know, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. Looking at my current bills both natural gas and electric.....and I was
    just wondering again because of the dam rising admin fee's.
    Is there any way to go off grid and generate my own power with natural
    gas and break even?
    June of 2007 I will be installing a on demanned hot water system with
    some zone heating. I have seen a few systems installed by the local guy
    What he says is that the water heater is big enough to use for radiant
    heat and will give priority for the taps when in use. Now what I was
    wondering is should I have some plumbing roughed in for a future genny
    to transfer the rad heat into my system.
    How does one get the most BTU's out of the natural gas gen into the home
    as heat while making electricity?
    I will also be replacing the 220 volt dryer with a ng gas one this I won't need 220 and was thinking two smaller 110 vac gens
    to make up my needs of 300-800 kwh per month.
    At the main panel I could put both sides of the circuit breakers
    together....when my demands are higher I could just turn on (remotely) a
    second gen (honda inverter sync)
    Any extra power could go directly into resistive heater's.
    A: one bill reduce admin fee's
    B: Control over power stability (very flaky grid here) I am in the
    mountains Snow, wind, lightning, surges you name it. Last year a snow
    storm caused a five day outage.
    C: zoneing my natural gas electric heat by water/wires (shutting off
    forced air furnace) I heat with wood on the main floor while doing so
    the basement living space is cold. I could go back to inca lights for
    heat in the winter and cf for the summer.
    Also Do they make a honda gen that can sync with a inverter?
  2. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    In a word...No. You can't beat the grid, especially with a fuel-burning

    I don't know what you are paying, but grid power is the best bargain you
    will ever get, compared to what it would cost you to generate it yourself. I
    have a little 4 KW Onan that runs on natural gas. I have calculated that 24/7
    operation would cost me at least $800.00 per month in fuel alone. Compared to
    that, my typically <$100.00 power bill looks like pocket change.

  3. Guest

    And if you used all the "waste heat"...?

  4. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    Good question. Perhaps it would be different if I lived in the area
    described by the OP, but my gas bill plus my electric bill seldom exceed
    $150.00. There is no way I could use cogeneration 24/7 and save money because I
    have little use for the waste heat. But there are more expenses to such a
    system than just fuel. How much does the generator cost and how many hours is
    it good for between overhauls? What would the maintenance cost over the
    lifetime of the unit?

  5. Tim Thomson

    Tim Thomson Guest

    No we are talking!
    That is what I was asking. Instead of just burning the fuel in the furnace and
    having the waste heat go up the flue.....why not burn gas in a genny make power
    and heat hmmmm
  6. Tim Thomson

    Tim Thomson Guest

    Why not sell the bi product to the neighbour's?

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