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Newer RCA sets...trouble units.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dani, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Dani

    Dani Guest

    F36650YX01 ATC113CA1, dead, replace 2SC5148 horizontal output, &
    flyback with 257805 (generic), unit runs fine for 5 minutes, then blows
    output again. Can't find anything else wrong. Same story with
    F32650YX01 ATC113CA1, but two 257805 generic flybacks measure
    statically different, like their the wrong flyback, & the horizontal
    output measures shorted in circuit, unless you remove the flyback. I
    didn't use this flyback, as I was sure it will blow the set. Put in
    another 257805...looks different (has a different G 2, & focus pot),
    set works fine, five minutes later it blows the output. F32649YX51 CTC
    203CA9 2SC5148
    hoizontal output shorted, 244247 flyback bad, put two brand new generic
    ones with bad
    G 2 pots, set will shut down, & right back on eratically, put in an
    original, now unit is perfect. I'm seeing two. or three out of five, or
    six generic flybacks bad. I'm only one small shop, in one small town.
    How much are you guys seeing? What are you guys doing to get these sets
    working right? Getting a lot of bad, & questionable parts, especially
    flybacks, can't trust generic, but customers will not pay a fair price
    for original. Thanks for any input, Dani.
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Been hearing a lot of BAD news about generic LOPT for the Thomson Sets.
    Asti, has been mentioned numerous times as being questionable more than 50%
    of the time. Too bad Thomson can't or won't supply replacment items for
    their products.
  3. Actually, the HR replacements for the 257805 work better than the originals.
    Much more consistent and reliable. Contact Electronica or Tritronics.
    Both have them.

  4. Jason D.

    Jason D. Guest

    Is there a HR fly source in ontario, canada? (I have the HR fly tester
  5. Dani wrote:
    Getting a lot of bad, & questionable parts, especially
    Way back a certain flyback maker in the southern USA did not have air
    conditioning in their factory. Any flybacks made during the humid
    season tended to conk out early. They eventually learned their
    lesson. Maybe your source of cheapies has a similar problem? Maybe
    only buy flybacks with fall and winter date codes?
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