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(NewbieSorry.) Making receiver/detector for a rotary laser level?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by NotSure, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. NotSure

    NotSure Guest

    Any help/advice please? I wish to make my own receiver/detector for my
    rotary laser level. (Earthmoving application) Its not a visible beam.
    Standard detectors only give u limited feedback: high (height), level
    (on grade), low (below height). I'd love to make a verticle line of
    led's (20?30?) with 1 lighting where it detects the laser beam is
    striking, a much more analogue feedback. I have done some surfing but
    for the life of me unsuccessful so far. Thanks for your time.
  2. Paul Mathews

    Paul Mathews Guest

    A really clever device would use the LEDs themselves as the
    photosensors. Do a search on a phrase like "LED doubles as ambient
    light detector" and you'll get some additional hints. If you can see
    the laser in broad daylight, there should be no problem with this
    approach, even though LEDs are not particularly sensitive
    Paul Mathews
  3. Paul Mathews

    Paul Mathews Guest

    Are you sure about the wavelength? ...or are you sure it's not
    visible? Even a spinning laser head with 635 nm wavelength should be
    visible, at least in dim light.
    Paul Mathews
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