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Newbie seeks help designing a plc ciruit.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Zardoz, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Zardoz

    Zardoz Guest

    OK. Dunno if I'm talking to the right people...

    I need to build a circuit based on a plc that

    1. Is programmable from a PC via serial

    ie Set parameter X=20000
    and Stop operating

    2. Operates independently of the PC
    3. The program it runs has two inputs and one output. One input is
    from a sensor. The second is from an encoder which provides pulses
    (proportional to the rotation of a shaft).
    4. After a predetermined (ie X) number of pulses, send an output.

    I reckon this is an easy one but I don't know where to start. Any
    clues? I think what I want to know is a cheap plc type device and lots
    of help :)

  2. What will the sensor do then?
    What you want is a microcontroller. PIC, 8052, AVR or even a BASIC
    Stamp; take your pick. I prefer PIC chips myself.
    Look here:
  3. tkirk

    tkirk Guest

    The company I work for, Rogue Engineering Inc., designs equiptment for
    use in industrial controls. One of our products is a smart I/O board
    that can double as a simple PLC. We sell it along with PC software for
    setting it up for around $200, which is cheap by PLC standards. Email
    if you're interested. Include specifications on
    what the inputs and outputs should do and we'll make sure to load in
    firmware that handles that task.

    If you're looking to design a circuit yourself, for a hobby or school
    project, then I would recommend looking at PIC microcontrollers.
    They're not as powerful or cheap as some of the microcontrollers I use
    at work, but they have a lot of support information out there for
    hobbyists, and free/cheap tools for when you're writing and debugging
    your firmware.

    Tim Kirk

    Electronics Design Engineer
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