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Newbie questions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Maddie, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. Maddie

    Maddie Guest

    After a rash of break-ins in our area, my husband and I have agreed to
    set up some type of alarm system. About 1 1/2 years ago we explored
    the professional installations with the "well-known" companies out
    there and were turned off to that idea, we purchased a couple of door
    sensors instead.

    What we are looking for is the following:

    Wireless system (D I Y type)- we have basic experience, we have done
    several upgrades in our home but we are not electronic gurus,
    therefore we think that wireless would be best (not to mention the
    wiring headaches)

    A system with 3 door sensors, motion sensor, audible alarm and
    something that would be capable of making a call when we are away from
    home (land line and cell if possible). I like the idea of something
    that turns lights on such as the Powermax system but don't know what
    is involved in setting something up like that.

    Our intent is to have something in place that can serve a couple of
    -Something with an alarm that would scare intruders away, my husband
    works swing shift and I would feel better having some type of alert
    system in place.
    -Something that will make noise and can contact us while we are away.
    We live in the country so having a monitoring system would be a waste
    since it would take forever to have the police come out. If we got a
    call, we could in turn contact our neighbor, family member to check
    things out.

    We do have a pet chihuahua that lives indoor.

    I hope that I have put in enough information, any help would be
    greatly appreciated!
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