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Newbie Questions: Wireless Home Alarm System

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    My PC-illiterate buddy just moved into a new home, and is thinking
    about installing a do-it-yourself alarm system. The easier to install
    the better, but he wants to get a good quality one. His walls are
    already finished, which might make a wired system harder to install.
    Can someone recommend a particular brand or model so that I may point
    him in the right direction?
    Is wireless the way to go?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    For a "decent" alarm system there is no really completely wireless system.
    There are a few that are close. For ease of installation not much is easier
    than a Simon.

    Phone and power still need to be wired. Same with an outside siren.
  3. julian

    julian Guest

    So he's PC-illiterate and he's thinking about installing his own
    alarm. Good thing it hasn't got past the thinking part; if he can't
    figure out a simple PC, how the hell is he going to figure out an
    alarm system on his own

    That's the EXACT REASON I don't retail equipment to people. Good
    freakin' luck.

    This must be the same guy who's going to avoid high gas prices by
    drilling for oil and refining his own gasoline onsite.

  4. Guest

    The Simon is a great wireless system. I absolutely love it but for
    what your freind needs, this might not be enough. A better panel would
    be the Visonic Powermax. The only reason it's better is because it can
    dial up to 4 different numbers and then initiate a two-way voice
    session. What this means is he can actually hear what's going on
    inside the house and talk to the intruder/unexpected visitor/wife's
    boyfreind/whatever and actually verify the alarm himself. If the Simon
    offers this, I'm unaware. The Ver. 2 did not but Ver. 3 may, I haven't
    used that panel much but I do like Simon. The best damn x-10
    functionality out of any alarm panel on the market plus it's easy to
    program. The visonic has x-10 features but they're no where near as
    good or as versatile. I guess it depends on what you want to do with
    the system.

    I'd watch E-bay for one of these system. You shouldn't pay anymore
    than $250 for a complete kit, if you do, you're paying too much. If
    you need help programming either one, the vendors offer excellent
    customer service but it's not usually for end-users. There is some
    technical knowledge that he is going to need to put this thing in but I
    imagine finding someone to help won't be too difficult if he runs into
    problems. I know there's some companies out there that will program
    the thing for you right over the phone for about $25 or you can find a
    local wholesaler and try and find an installer whose looking for work
    on the side. Call the distributor and tell them what you're looking
    for and they'll pass it onto someone for a quote. Or you can use an
    online referral service to help as well. If he needs a contract
    installer, don't pay more than $100 for a basic install and $10 a
    contact over the basic. If you do, you're just getting ripped off.
    They're just doing a simple hang and bang so $100 is fair.

    A basic should include:
    2 wireless doors
    1 Wireless motion
    Maybe 1 Fob, I know the Simon and Visonic have a package that has a fob
    1 Transformer
    1 Keypad
    (wires ran in the wall if possible or stapled neatly down the wall and
    hidden as best as possible)
    A phone line connection, preferably with line siezure but in an
    apartment, it may not be worth the trouble and extra expense.

    One thing he should absolutely get is fire protection. Absolutely,
    must have it, don't even think about not getting it. Tell him to get
    one smoke detector that's tied in the system and make sure the system
    can dial someone other than him (like his mom or someone).

    Other options are the Ademco Lynx which is widely used where I live.
    I'm not a huge fan of it but it's what they give me to put in. DSC
    Envoy, it looks sweet but I've never used it. And that's about all, I
    hope this helps.
  5. McGinn

    McGinn Guest


    Where can I get Visionic Powermax and what is a phone line connection with
    line seizure ?
  6. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    You have to go to Israel. I understand there's a seat sale comin' up.
    Don't forget to pack your harmonica.

    That's when you're yakkin' on the phone with the cable company and they
    come in and remove your lines.
  7. That was good, Frank!

  8. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    This is one of those guys that's obviously missing the almonds in his
    "roca" (I'm not sayin' that toffee on it's own is a "bad" thing).

    How're things down your end?
  9. We have had quite a large amount of rainfall in the past few days and
    significantly more forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Some areas here
    received as much as 12 inches of rain with most receiving about 3 inches in
    just a few hours. We always flood here on the gulf coast, but it has been
    very bad this time with water rising into the houses in South East Houston.
    They just showed a house on TV that got three feet of water! We didn't get
    too much in Southwest Houston, where I live, but with more rain forecast, I
    don't know if we will be lucky enough to miss it again.
  10. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Until they fixed the storm sewers, Sherwood Park (suburb of Edmonton)
    used to experience a lot of flooding. When a geyser of raw sewage
    starts up in your basement toilet, I figure it's time to move out.
    Back-flow preventers didn't help much. The pressure was so high it
    would break the pipes. What a mess. In south Edmonton (where we used
    to live) it never got to that point even though the rains there are
    heavy at times.
  11. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    We didn't get
    Where abouts Allan? I had a house in Mission Bend for 13 years at Hwy 6 and
    BelAir area. Finally sold it when the market got back to where it was 13
    years earlier. Didn't make a penny but didn't loose one either. Had it
    rented to the same people for 12 of those years. That is where I got
    started in the security business in 1981.
    but with more rain forecast, I
  12. I live essentially on South Braeswood between Fondren & Gessner. We got
    more rain today and I got the pool filled for free. Not too much, however.
    Still have another few days of the screwy weather pattern. I started in the
    business in 1983! Wow, that seems like a life time ago.
  13. McGinn

    McGinn Guest


  14. McGinn

    McGinn Guest

    the words FBI, CIA and NSA.
  15. McGinn

    McGinn Guest


    This THREAD was started to get some answers for SETTING UP SECURITY.


    Take that SHIT to your PERSONAL EMAILS, PUSSIES !!!!!
  16. ... We got more rain today and I got the pool
    We'd been having a semi-drought for months until the last week or so. It
    figures! As soon as the pool company came and pumped out our pool and spa
    it started to rain again. :^)
    I've been in the business ~29 years now and it has been a lifetime.


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    4883 Fallcrest Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34233
    941-866-1100 Sales & Tech Support
  17. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Think LOXXON... you'll be glad you did
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