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Newbie piezo buzzer question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Dec 4, 2003.

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    Hi out there,

    I'm trying to get a PT-3110W telephone buzzer (rated voltage 5V) to
    ring, and I seem to be missing something obvious. It's got +5V coming
    in from pin 2 of a 555 (NE555P), which is set up to oscillate
    something like an electronic phone ringer. When I hook up another
    buzzer there, it bleeps happily and works fine. When I put the
    PT-3110W there, it just clicks in time. Here's the kicker: when I put
    the buzzer in parallel with the PT-3110W, I can get sound (meaning
    actual tones instead of clicks) out of both of them--although the
    buzzer is the louder of the two, and the PT makes a weird squelchy
    sound at the attack.

    Yes, I could just use the buzzer, but it is fairly harsh sounding and
    I would like this thing not to sound too much like a smoke detector.
    Also, I'm wanting to know what problem I'm running into here. I've
    been trying everything I could think of (i.e. checking the resistance
    and capacitance of the buzzer and putting similar caps and resistors
    in parallel with the PT to try to simulate having the buzzer there,
    but that hasn't worked.

    Is it possible to put too much current through the PT and wind up with
    sound which is outside the range of hearing? Or is this some other

    Any bites?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hate to follow up to myself, but the astute reader will have noticed
    that I should have written 'pin 3' instead of 'pin 2'. The buzzers are
    off pin 3, not pin 2.

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