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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Dave Milne, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. Dave Milne

    Dave Milne Guest

    Guess what - I need a burglar alarm (UK).

    I understand from the police website
    ( that I should be
    looking for wireless alarms conforming to BS 6799 Class VI ( cant find many
    makers of those) or wired ones
    conforming to BS 7042.

    Frankly, I don't care either way if I have to wire it myself / get a
    professional in to wire it / get wireless.
    I'm going to have a cat - do you get PIR sensors which are tolerant of small
    creatures ?
    I have a coal fire in addition to the radiators - is this likely to cause
    PIRs problems ?
    I'd like the alarm to dial me up /SMS me if it goes off. Not so fussed about
    dialing the police up.
    I assume I need a PIR sensor for each room plus one for each hallway ? Is
    this sufficient or do I need
    motion sensors, window breaking detectors or anything else as well ?
    What is a Quad PIR sensor ? How does it differ from a dual technology PIR
    sensor which seems to cost
    about 35 quid each ?

    Any pointers to literature or your opinions would be most helpful. I've
    tried to do a bit of reading before coming here, but haven't yet got a feel
    for who makes the best kit. My budget is up to 1K - is this reasonable ?
    What would be the installation charge ballpark for a wired system ?

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