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Newbie GPS Question

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by oldgoat, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. oldgoat

    oldgoat Guest

    I want to get a handheld GPS to use on my bass boat but am I confused. I
    want to be able to get on a new or old lake and cruise around using my two
    fish finders and mark spots on a GPS so I can save them and come back to
    them. Each GPS has so many options and the prices, I am lost. Knowing
    nothing about GPS I need some input. I want to basically map a new lake and
    put in fishing spots. which unit is the one you guys would use for this, I
    don't want a GPS and fish finder combo. Since I may want to use the GPS off
    the boat. Thanks
  2. ted

    ted Guest

    There are basically three types of GPS receivers, 1:non mapping 2:maps
    3:maps and routing capability.

    I would recommend the Garmin Legend ($140) if saving money or small size is
    important. I would recommend the Garmin GPS map 60 ($250) if you want a
    unit with a larger display, faster microprocessor, more memory for loading
    maps and an auto routing capability. you can order either of them from at a discount.

    Garmin Mapsource maps :

    1: Roads and recreation is the cheapest map and just shows roads and lakes
    2: Metroguide map will let you search for street addresses
    3: City Select map will allow the GPS map60 to pick the route for you when
    you enter the destination address.

    The map CD/DVDs should be also be available from but I can't
    seem to find the link for the maps.
  3. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    ted wrote:

    Garmin just recently released a line of "x" models (60cx, etc.) that use
    removable flash memory (TransFlash or Micro-SD cards) to expand the
    memory for data and map storage. Those are just now getting on the
    street and, for many GPS users, the expandable memory will add a lot of
    usefulness and flexibility to a handheld GPS.

    You may be in doubt about your need for expansion memory now. But if
    you are thinking you want to use the GPS for multiple purposes
    (street/highway, topo, on the water, etc.) you'll definitely benefit
    from getting it now.

    If the budget it on the tighter side, a used or closeout buy on a
    Magellan Meridian series might be a good choice. The Meridians are
    competitive with the Garmins and have been using SD cards for expansion
    memory for a long time.

    Magellan should probably be given credit for driving Garmin to add
    expansion memory to their handhelds also for their finally abandoning
    their proprietary data cards for an open market media. If it was not
    for us consumers voting with out wallets these companies would never do
    the right thing.

    Now if we can just drive them to marketing a good waterproof and
    ruggedized handheld that allows us to use open architecture mapping...

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