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newbie: duplicating oscilloscope image on a TV

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by tg, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. tg

    tg Guest

    is this possible? I have a scopex 14D-15 and I was hoping to be able to capture the oscilloscopes image and record it using a PC
    capture card. Obviously the first step is finding a video output on the oscilloscope. There's socket on the front called 'EXT' but
    I'm not sure exactly what this is for. I know it must mean external but I don't know if it's an output socket or input one and I
    don't want to damage the scope.
    ps: I haven't yet tried pointing my video camera at the oscilloscope screen but I'll try that if there's no other options. Thanks
    for any help.
  2. jasen

    jasen Guest

    most CRTs don't scan the display like a TV does (meaning the camera is
    your only option)
  3. webpa

    webpa Guest

    No, it is not possible, except by photographing the oscilloscope's
    image with a camera. Reason is that the 'scope does not display an
    "image" displays a "trace". Meaning that the visible spot created
    by an electron beam is deflected by separate X and Y signals. X is
    usually the (internally-generated) time base; Y is usually the (scaled)
    input voltage. On some 'scopes, there is a Z input which amounts to
    the intensity (brightness) of the beam. So, what you see on the
    'scope's tube has no resemblence to a "picture" in the television

    The "EXT" port on your 'scope is almost certainly an input for
    externally triggering the beam sweep (external time-base). It has
    nothing to do with the "picture" on the 'scope's tube. On some
    'scopes, you can feed an external composite (video+sync) signal into
    the EXT port for working on video circuits.
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