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NEWBIE: Designing a Simple Audio Amp

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by N. Thornton, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. N. Thornton

    N. Thornton Guest

    Fwom:Ricky Romaya ()
    Subject:NEWBIE: Designing a Simple Audio Amp
    no, theyre power amps, delivering large amounts of both v and current.

    200mv input, R anything from 10k to 50k - but there will be some
    argument over those values.

    much less than 8 ohms, in most cases, but not all.


    look at the speakers specs to find out. Expect around 80-95 dB at 1m
    for 1w in.

    none, it is amp power output and speaker efficiency that determine

    many to choose from. Whatevers readily available to you is the first
    way to narrow the field down.

    A power amp IC is an easy solution, but doesnt teach much. An opamp
    and output tr pair is another way to get what you want, and gives you
    much more to play with.

    You can drive a pair of AC127/AC128 (IIRC) germanium output trs from a
    LM324 for a nice 1w audio amp. Before anyone replies, people always
    expect it to produce awful crossover, but it doesnt at all, its a bit
    more complex than it first appears - but simple to build. It wont work
    with silicon trs.

    btw if you use a TBA820M and stick a nice heatsink on it, run it on
    19v, you should get 6w a piece from those. Only 500% over ratings, no
    worry :)

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