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Newbie capacitor question

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by ApolloCAP, Jul 4, 2003.

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  1. ApolloCAP

    ApolloCAP Guest

    I am an electronics newbie, and I was wondering where I could find a
    capacitor found at . It says
    I need a 4 nano farad capacitor. Could someone give me the URL of say a
    mouser catalog item that's 4 nano farads?
    I have mis ordered twice. I always order this useless surface-mount
    capacitors. Can someone give me the catalog item or # for one with leads
    that's ceramic?
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest sez 4pF, *not* 4nF.
    The closest value leaded *ceramic* capacitors i could find in the
    Mouser catalog #614 were:
    1) Page 405, 80-CK05BX100K (10pF @ 200V, radial) and 80-C410C100J1G
    (10pF @ 100V, axial).
    2) Page 408, 539-CK05100K (10pF @ 200V, radial) and 539-GP550 (5pF @
    100V, radial).
    3) Page 412, 10pF @ 50V and 100V, radial.
    4) "Exact" value on Page 413, 75-10TCCV39 (3.9pF @ 100V, radial).
    5) Page 416, 4.7pF @ 50V to 500V, radial; see Pg 417 for ammo pack and
    tape packaging.
    6) Page 418, two 10pF @ 50V, axial and radial.
    Be advised that capacitors with mica and plastic insulation are also
    available; just look further in the catalog, starting on page 424.
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