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Newbi & Pic Possibility

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Newbie!, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. Newbie!

    Newbie! Guest

    Hi Group,

    Im looking at a Project to keep me out of trouble on a night <Grin>. Heres
    what I would like to do:

    Firstly to learn about Pic Programming and hopefully use this to:

    Build a Project which will have either a Cat5 Network Connection and a Web
    Browser on it, or a Serial interface to connect to a PC, This will Monitor
    in 3 Rooms, the Temeratures and if there has been a Loss of Power. If the
    Temperature gets to Hot or To cold, or if there was a loss of power My
    project would either Ring a Mobile and a voice would say what condition we
    had, or send a SMS. Idelly a Small LCD display in each room would tell me
    the Temperature.

    I would also like to be able to Monitor the Temperature and Power from A PC
    Connection or Web Browser in real time, with graphs

    I Know the basics about Electronics and am also an intermediate programmer,
    with Visual Basic.Net

    I don`t have any worries about learning new things!

    Any Links or advise would be appriciated

    Many Thanks
  2. Tim Dicus

    Tim Dicus Guest

    Hi Newbie!

    It may be a little more than you want to spend initially, but take a look at the RabbitCore RCM2200.

    Has an Ethernet card onboard and includes a TCP/IP library. VERY SIMPLE to use! Take a look at some of the examples in
    "Introduction to TCP/IP". Lots of program and data memory. Lots of I/O. Fast (22MHz).

    It is about $239 for the development kit. You only need one of these!
    Includes the programmer, Dynamic-C compiler, and prototye board.

    After that, the boards are $55 each at Digi-Key ( To me, just the savings in development and programming time make
    it a true bargain!

    Just an alternative...

  3. For the Ethernet connection, I have used the X-Port connected to the PIC
    serial port.

    Many PICs have serial ports which can be level shifted up to RS-232
    with your PC Serial port.
    Easilly done with the A-D ports in a PIC...
    Also easy via a digital port.
    So you are now proposing a PIC per room...
    A visual basic solution on the PC.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Guest


    Thnaks for your reply, in answer to your questions (Yes), tho im a lost as
    to where to start?

    What Pic Programmer would you think i would need? What Software and PIC

    Could I use a VB program and interface to the Pic on the Project via maybe a
    IP address?

    What would I use if I wanted to upload a HTML web page to my project to
    control it?

    I`ve got loads of time available so learning is not a problem.

    Many Thanks
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