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NEWB: trying to drive funny motor from laser printer

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by h, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. h

    h Guest

    Picture -->

    I rescued this scanner PCB (and several like it) from some old HP laser
    printers (LJ5, I think). I want to use the polygonal mirror to create a
    scanning / liquid-sky effect using one of my laser pointers.

    I can remove the mirror and mount it on an ordinary dc motor but if it's
    possible I want to try and drive it in situ on its PCB-mounted motor - the
    bearing's deliciously smooth and I can never mount the mirrors as accurately
    on other motors.

    The driver chip on this one is a Mitsubishi chip marked M56737FP. Google
    gives me plenty of info on where to source the chips, but nothing about how
    to drive them, no data sheets etc...

    Any clues how I can try to power it up? Reckon it might need some sort of
    clock pulse as well as power.

    Any thoughts appeciated :)

  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Closest I can find are datasheets for the M56733AFP. Might (or might
    not) be a close relative. Check on either or
  3. h

    h Guest

    The driver chip on this one is a Mitsubishi chip marked M56737FP. Google

    Thanks Rich, much appreciated. They look related but not too closely - mine
    has way more pins... suspect I'd be better off ditching the motor, it's just
    too well integrated, shame...


  4. Dingo

    Dingo Guest

    I'd assume the mirror needs to spin at a very precise speed for its original

    I'd say there are two power connectors you are interested and a lot of
    encoder feedback which you don't need to worry about. Unless it is a stepper
    motor, then it pretty easy to work out what needs to be pulsed in what
    order. I doubt they'd use a stepper motor for this though.

    I've just pulled a similar one from a NEC Superwriter 610 - I'll play with
    that later and see what it needs.
  5. Tekko

    Tekko Guest


    Do you still have these motors ?
    I am a collector of these things.
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