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New Toy HP16500A, Need Help to use

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Ron, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Ron

    Ron Guest


    I just got a 16500A w/16532(1GSs Digitizing Scope) and 16550 (100Mhz
    State-500Mhz Timing) analyzer off ebay and I'm trying to use it but I'm
    having a little trouble. This equipment has so many bells and whistles I
    need to dig though them all.

    I have hooked up leads 0-1 on POD E1 to the in and out of a serial line
    (using max232) and I'm trying to trigger on a keypress but I can't
    figure out the trigger menu.
    I set up a level 1 trigger on edge 1 (set to a 1) occurs once else no
    state go to level 1.
    I would expect the analyzer to sit and wait until a positive going edge
    is seen then record, it isn't, it imediately records.

    Anyone have one of these and can help me out I'd appreciate some help.

  2. Jim Flanagan

    Jim Flanagan Guest

    Ron -
    You can find the technical manuals on the Agilent website.

    This is the manual for the 'B' version, however.
    Have fun
  3. Ron

    Ron Guest

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