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New Strong STB - VERY interesting

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Trevor Wilson, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. **I've just ordered some stock of these puppies: AN4.html

    RRP $149.00.

    I reckon it's a winner. The rep is calling today to give me a demo. Put
    your hands up if you want one. I'll discuss prices via email.
  2. terryc

    terryc Guest

    What is special about this one?
    Do you have a picture of the AV cable?
    As there was none on that site?

    Our current $2 shop ones doesn't record, so it is time to step up a bit.

    I find their online store very unhelpful as you don't get to see a back
    side shot of all their other boxes to work out the $ damage in connector
  3. **I have not seen a device available that does what the Strong box does
    at the price.
    **What does an AV cable have to do with anything?
    **Who gives a crap? Buy one from DSE.
    **Try clicking on the link. Maybe reading the description could be
    helpful in answering your questions.
  4. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Well, it is useless without it. I need to make sure it will connect to
    my glass monster.
    Finally found an arse image that shows the kind it might be.

    BTDT and it didn't.

    Shrug, won't be on my summer buying list.
  5. **I just had a demo of the unit. VERY impressive. Nice menuing. Easy to
    use. It is supplied with a suitable AV lead, for connection to TV sets
    that use composite video. The plug is an unsual, but easily available
    ring, ring, tip, sleeve 3.5 mm one. HDMI cables are not supplied, but
    readily available.
    **You can purchase the plugs from WES. Less than 2 Bucks.
    **Fairy nuff. I just played with it and I like it. A lot. Whack a
    keyboard and mouse on it and the thing does everything most people could
    ever want. It's tiny too.
  6. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Which USB expanasion are you using?
  7. **I only had a brief play with the thing today. I ordered my stock and
    expect it soon (next week?). I'll have a chance to check out the USB
    capabilities then. For today, I just stuck a Bluetooth™ adapter into the
    USB port and used a the Bluetooth™ mouse and keyboard. MUCH better than
    grappling with the remote control. When I connect mine to a TV, I'll be
    using exactly the same system. I enabled my wireless LAN and connected
    the box to that. I was able to play movies, catch-up TV and You Tube
    stuff immediately. The interface is far and away the best I've used on a
    Strong device. A legacy of the Android operating system I guess. For 149
    Bucks (RRP) it a bloody rip-snorter.
  8. keithr

    keithr Guest

    How many people use set top boxes? You can buy a flat screen digital TV
    for not much more than that. It is council collection around here on
    Monday and I'd reckon that there must be at least 10 old CRT TVs per
    street sitting on the nature strips. That includes the one on our nature
    strip, it was down in my office, I sold its STB for $15 in a garage sale
    the other week, that was as much as I could get for it.
  9. terryc

    terryc Guest

    I still do because we have a glass monster.
    what is the quality like? Most of the stuff i see when we cruise past
    the TVs in the electronic store has awful qualty picture.

    They are not much more than that at Sams/BiLo places(Coles cheap
    stores), but they don't do the internet or record stuff on the USB device.
  10. **Dunno. I have several PVRs and one STB that I use with a CRT set.
    Perhaps others do likewise.

    You can buy a flat screen digital TV
    **149 Bucks for a HD STB, web browser, PVR (when used with external
    drives), catch-up TV device and the ability to play back a range of
    files on a standard TV. I doubt it. Sure, many late model TVs have some
    of these features, but not everyone owns the latest model TV sets.

    It is council collection around here on
    **Same here.

    That includes the one on our nature
    **Probably not a bad idea to read the description in the link I
    provided. It is considerably more than an STB.
  11. Alan

    Alan Guest


    Will it play non-flash embedded videos in the browser? If so then it
    should be a winner.

    My Sony TV has a browser but will not play flash or any other type of
    embedded videos. Likewise my WD TV Streaming Media Player has a basic
    browser but will not play videos (good for playing lots of other files
    though not through the browser ).

    Would be interested to know if you can access the various catch up
    services (ABC, SBS,Plus7, etc) and play them in the browser.

    Thanks for any comments.
  12. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I have an Aldi HD STB (AU$30) and an equivalent unit from JB HiFi
    (AU$40). I use them exclusively as PVRs for recording and playing back
    TV programmes (mostly sport - my dog likes to watch ball games). The
    recordings are also playable on my PC.
    All my TVs are LCDs.

    - Franc Zabkar
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