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New problems in a CRT monitor.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Starflex, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    TWO monitors, same problem.
    The first one: Sony multiscan E400, 19" chassis F99. This chassis is common
    with those other CRT computer display:

    IBM 6551 models
    SONY E400/E400E/G400
    COMPAQ P900
    DELL P991

    The second: Sony Multiscan E500, 21", G1 chassis. The same chassis of:

    SONY CPD-G500
    COMPAQ P1110
    DELL P1110
    IBM 6552 models

    The problem is the same: I noted a distorsion of the picture in the top
    right corner of the image.
    In the corner, the image is quite "smallest" than in the other part of the
    monitor. It is like "pushed", and it is very out of convergence (only in
    this point).
    I know that is very difficult to find a solution of the problem without
    seeing the monitor, but I think that someone could find a similar problem in
    a similar screen.
    Thank you! :)
  2. Charles

    Charles Guest

    That can be due to an external magnetic field ... but with two monitors, I
    am puzzled. Any chance you are testing both monitors in an environment with
    a magnetic field? Is something sitting on them or near the corner?
  3. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    Hi charles, thank you for your reply!
    No, I have tryed the monitors in some different place...the problem
    persists.. :-(
    Of course, also with different PC, to exclude a VGA damage...
  4. tekman2006

    tekman2006 Guest

    Check R053.
  5. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    In the 19" or on the 21" ?
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