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New, minimally moderated group

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by John Fortier, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. John Fortier

    John Fortier Guest

    The new group is in the process of formation.

    I shall not be posting to this group from now on. It's beyond help.

    Far too many old fogies who condone anti-socila behaviour "Because it's
    always been that way." or "I've been posting here for years and I think
    abusing newbiesis fun". Not direct quotes but an indication of the
    mentality of those whose, de facto, domination of the group makes it the
    exceptionally inhospitible place it is today.

    So one of your pals gets his just deserts. Tough. None of you
    pusilimaneous old farts had the guts to control him and you all knew what he
    was doing, so you condoned the misuse of company time and equipment. What
    an example you all are.

    So, the old order stays where it is, congratulating itself and bumbling on
    about how knowledgeable you all are.

    You are truly contemptible.
  2. Roy McCammon

    Roy McCammon Guest

    who got what?
  3. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest


    Bye Bye !
  4. In the last year I have not seen any newbies abused here. The style may
    sometimes be 'rough and tough', but usually between those who know each
    other more or less. Of course, there were a handful of 'stupid questions'
    answered in a rather impolite way, but the 90+% rest of them was dealt with
    carefully. If you filter out the two flamewar threads, the assumption in the
    last senttence is untenible.
    Now this IS abuse of a good deal of users in this newsgroup, espsecially the
    new ones who have not known everyone here for a quarter century and did not
    see a need to participate in the last (still lasting) flamewar. After all, a
    newsgroup is not something to be controlled with military precision, we all
    have a great luck it is not. Franklin was right to say that sacrificing
    freedom for security deserves neither. Of course the last flamewar is unique
    in a whole last year that I'm around here, maybe a lot more, but don't tell
    me that it's still a year to last.
    Some 2 weeks or so before you could not have said that. Have a look at this
    newsgroup after a couple of weeks, when the flamewar calms down and
    disappears from the servers. Period.
  5. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Ah! We are, what's that French word... désolé.
    Right. More French: Bon voyage.
    "Guts to control him?" The only reasonable way to control him would be
    to march him down to the nearest pub and fill him with lots of beer.
    Hey, I thought Fields *owned* the company.
    We are congratulating ourselves that you are leaving; but I knew that
    all along.
    Is what you're really trying to say is that you'll be leaving the
    group? Bon voyage.

  6. The actual quote is this:

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
    deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
  7. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Yes, but that's not important. What truly matters is whether you are
    really gone.

  8. The actual quote is this:
    Thx, I'll save the snippet for future reference.
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