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New meter! :-)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Starflex, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    I'm an italian student and I'm searching a new meter for my hobby.
    In this moment, I'm trying to repair a monitor, but I sometimes repair bike,
    sometimes I work in the electric euipment of cars, etc.
    So, I'm searching a meter (not too expensive... I'm a student!), and I'm
    looking for Meterman meters.
    What do you thing about this meter? They are a little bit cheaper than
    Fluke..Can you indicate me a model, for my uses (...I think, general
    I was looking for "38xr" meterman...what do you think about this?

    Thank you a lot, and sorry for my bad english! :)
  2. A "cheap" meter may work well enough for student stuff, but I would
    go for a Fluke as soon as you can afford it (and you may be able to find
    a used one on That Auction Site).
    Trust me, your english is better than some of my fellow Americans!

    Keep the peace(es).
  3. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    Uhmm.. I've already two "chineses" meter (veery cheap)...but in some
    applications (es, monitor repair) they gave a different I was
    looking for a new, more affordable (but also more exensive!) meter..
    I was looking also for an used Fluke one, but my fear is to find a meter
    that is out of calibration, caused by a previous, improper, use....
    Thank you! :)
  4. I'm not surprised. I have a cheap one and it reads 10% low on the
    voltage scale when the batteries get low. The LCD has a low battery
    annunciator but it never comes on. Poor design. My job doesn't require
    a very accurate meter so I just check it against the line every so often
    and replace the batteries when I start to see suspiciously low readings.
    In my job there's a fairly substantial chance that sooner or later I'll
    drop it off a ladder and break it, and I'd rather break a $40 Chinese
    meter than a $300 Fluke.
  5. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    Thank you for your response!
    The new meter that I would purchase is only for my personal use, not for
    work, and it should be used only by me..I think that it can "live" for some
    years..I don' t use it in "difficult" ambient, or with the possibility that
    it can fall down.
    The battery of my cheap ones is fully charged (also my meter had a low
    battery indicator..and I never had seen it turned ON, when the battery in
    low!!)..I think that they are "at the end" of their life...or, simply, they
    aren't the right meter for the work (at this moment,my PC monitor repair)!
    Thank you!
  6. You may want to look at a bench meter instead of a "pocket" one.

  7. I dropped my Fluke and cracked the LCD. The part was provided by Fluke for
    about $17 including shipping. I had another one that was replaced by them
    at N/C when it failed, as it had a lifetime warranty.

  8. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    That's interesting...
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