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New LCD Television Switching to Black & White??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by wm. bradley, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. wm. bradley

    wm. bradley Guest


    I recently purchased a 32" "no-name" (Insignia) LCD flat panel TV for the

    I am quite satisfied with it except for one major problem. Every once in a
    while (say, once every other day) the TV will spontaneously switch to black
    and white. If I change channels the color comes back and all is well again.

    The TV is less than a month old and under warranty. I will have to return
    it, but I am curious what may be causing this problem. Your answer will help
    me decide if I should exchange it for another of the same make and model, or
    pay considerably more for a better brand. Thanks!
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    The symptom doesn't mean you bought a cheap set that is prone to color
    drop out problems. Take it back and have the point of sale make it right
    with you.
  3. Jeff, WB8NHV

    Jeff, WB8NHV Guest

    I once asked on an electronics message board (not sure if it was
    this one) about the reliability (or lack of it) of Insignia-branded
    TVs; I also wondered what company made these sets. The answer I
    received was that televisions with the Insignia brand on the cabinets
    are in fact very cheaply made and not meant to last very long. (My
    question as to who actually makes Insignia TVs, however, was not
    answered.) I wouldn't take any chances with a no-name TV, especially
    an expensive flat-panel LCD or plasma set. I've had no experience with
    FP sets (yet, anyhow, but I may be forced to get one when everything
    goes digital in just over two years); however, I did own a no-name b&w
    12" CRT set in the mid-1970s. The television lasted all of three years
    (!), then one day a puff of white smoke curled up from the ventilation
    slots in the cabinet. No picture, sound, nothing. Never did find out
    what was wrong; in fact, I wound up putting the set out for the
    trash. In your case, however, I suggest you take the set bact to the
    store from which it was purchased and exchange it for a good one.
    "Insignia" sounds to me like one of those cheap offshore brands meant
    to sell cheaply and last only a year or two, if that long. I'd look
    into an established brand such as Sony (I've read good things about
    their XBR and Bravia giant-screen HD sets). You get what you pay for.
    You'll pay more for a good brand, but in the long run your set will
    likely work better and last longer than any of the no-name offshore
    TVs. I would exchange the set you have immediately before the problem
    becomes worse, i. e. the picture switches to b&w and stays that way

    Good luck.

    Kind regards,

    Jeff Strieble, WB8NHV (e-mail addy not shown to deter spammers)
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio USA
  4. Jim Land

    Jim Land Guest

    I would exchange the set you have immediately, before the problem goes
    away, i.e., the picture switches to color and stays that way until the
    warranty expires, when it returns to plague you.
  5. Ian Jackson

    Ian Jackson Guest

    (a) Are watching analogue TV or digital?
    (b) If analogue, what are you using for an antenna?
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