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New Inductance

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by The Real Chris, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    Unfortunately, Chris
  2. I didn't write that. Learn how to quote properly, and respond to the
    right post.
  3. SAME CIRCUIT. Loading on secondary affects primary side circuitry.
    It is ONE circuit.
    Esoteric bullshit.
    Muddled nonsense.
    This is true, but also rightfully argued as specialized, even if in
    widespread use.
    Yeah, and you need a CORE to have a "paycheck" on the other side of
    a transformer.
    For RF couplings. Not for making POWER.
    Don't tell me what to do. You are smaller than that.

    Learn how to read and quote properly. Half of your "responses" were
    to some other idiot's posted writings.
  4. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    Sorry, Phat. In this case, Chris is right. The key to any transformer is
    mutual coupling and the two parallel wires have this. Agreed, it is
    difficult to actually put a current through one wire without actually having
    a closed circuit or loop or to get some power transfer without closing a
    loop in the second wire but the only part of these loops that counts for
    transformer action is the mutual inductance. Note that a 500/1 current
    transformer has a straight wire through a doughnut core as a primary.
  5. Photons can travel quite some distance. So no problem.
    You don't know elementry physics.
  6. The other winding is electron spin.

  7. Dear Phat Bytestard:

    I was pointing out to "The Real Chris" that a loop was formed by
    closing the circuit. The balance of the post was directed to
    you. I would have taken it offline, but could decipher no valid
    email address for you from your header.

    David A. Smith
  8. Dear Phat Bytestard:

    message ....
    "The Real Chris" appears to be posting from ignorance, however
    much he wants to learn. You seem to be posting simply to be
    abusive, and ignore any corrections to your own

    Rather than argue with you, I'll leave you in your self-imposed
    darkness. Goodbye.


    David A. Smith
  9. {Don't top post. It makes you look illiterate.}
    So, how does the electron spin in a permanent magnet motor, for example,
    produce torque interacting with the winding carrying current?
  10. A permament magnet is a ferromagetic material where all the electron spins
    line up to present the effect of a current loop.

  11. True. But that's not what I asked. How does the electron spin 'current
    loop' of the PM interact with the current carrying winding to produce
  12. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    The magnetic field may well be a convenience but it is what can be measured,
    modified and controlled. A virtual proton which may well be its cause is
    not subject to any of these factors. We are not measuring its origin. We
    don't actually know the relative velocity of the particles but only the
    The question is, "what is real?" Is it what we can sense or is it the
    postulated basic mechanism?.
    All I am suggesting is that the effect -i.e. what is commonly called a
    magnetic field or "region of magnetic influence" exists. A car hits a pole
    because the driver is drunk. The cause is the drunkedness of the driver, the
    effect is the collision. Is the latter not real because it is not the prime
    cause? (There is also a relative velocity involved which definitely has a
    real effect on the results of the collision :))

    As far as classical vs quantum ideas, what conditions are required so that
    the quantisation can be detected?

    I don't claim to know the answers -from some reading, I have some idea but
  13. Two key words. CORE, and THROUGH. That counts as one turn (loop).
    The core counts as the medium through which the transference occurs.

    His little metal bits in epoxy do not count as a core, and parallel
    wires can inject microvolt amplitudes from one to the other, but
    passing power? No.
  14. What the *bleep* do we know anyway? (good movie).
  15. You're an idiot. Magnetic flux "travels" in the core and couples the
    energy from one winding to the other. No stinking photons required.
    We don' need no stinking photons in our REAL WORLD transformers!

    Next thing ya know, you'll be tellin' us that dark matter, and dark
    photons do the work.

    Here's a hint.... wire + current flow = magnetic flux.

    It has been proven, and has worked for several decades, totaling
    well over a century!
  16. You don't even know elementary spelling.

    I'd bet that you wear your pants down past your asscrack too.
  17. Then don't do it with a fucking post that starts out with "Dear Phat
    Bytestard" and "Phat Bytestard wrote:"

    If you want to make remarks to him, FIND the post HE made them in
    and REPLY to THAT post!

    Learn how to use your news reader client correctly, and learn a bit
    more about Usenet itself. Don't even claim to already know. If you
    did, you wouldn't have made the post talking to me but referring to
    some other person's posted material. You just don't so that dumb
  18. LOOK, you retarded ****! YOU quoted HIM, but posted to ME. Get a
    clue, dipshit!
    You're a fucking E-1 grade 30 IQ retard, at best.
    Oh boy, the dipshit thinks that his filter file edit announcement
    means a fucking thing. What WOULD mean something is if your stupid
    fucktard ass ever really learned a damned thing about Usenet.
    Yes, you are.
  19. Haven't you seen all these "modern" adolescent twit kids running
    around these days with their pant hanging down past their ass?

    It's the "in thing" nowadays. Personally, I think it is so Suzy
    Sleesytwit and Johnny Jiztard can feel each other up easier.

    You got young kids?
  20. Ahhh... The Emperor... The blind shall not see...

    I fart in their DIRECT direction!

    Ethel! You get yer clothes on!
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