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new concept in solar cells: ambient solar cells....

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by SHIRLEY ANDERSON, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. solar cells that are colored the same color of the ambient ground color
    (brown, green, grey, red, white, and blue (for aquatic areas)) to keep too
    much heat from building up in areas with many solar cells.

    i tender the intellectual rights of this concept to any who will use the
    profits for peaceful ends (including personal wealth and humanitarian ends
    for non-militant/non-aggression/non-conquestoriented
  2. Colored cells/panels are not a new idea and some are already being
    sold. Typically they are purchased for aesthetic reasons rather
    than to try to save the environment. In fact, I don't think that
    heat in the environment is really a problem.

  3. Of course! They're so fashion conscious.
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