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New circuit design for home project

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Got2Go, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Got2Go

    Got2Go Guest

    Hello group,

    Is there anybody here that could help with a design for a small circuit to
    control 3 relays ?

    I can provide more details, but I wanted to check first.

    Thank You.
  2. Warren Weber

    Warren Weber Guest

    Three switches??
  3. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  4. Got2Go

    Got2Go Guest

    Hi John.
    Basically, it will be an interface/black box type device that will sit
    between two separate devices.

    One device will control the other device, with the interface between them.

    The device to be controlled currently has a wired remote control (no
    electronics, just 3 membrane switches)
    One switch turns on a water pump, the other turns on a light, and the 3rd
    one turns on a flame.
    But, to turn on and off the flame, you need to push a specific sequence of
    the 3 buttons.

    I have another device that I want to use to control this first device.
    But this device uses relays in its output.
    It can only turn on, or off the relays.
    It cant do something like a macros so that a key sequence can be simulated
    using the relays.

    I would like to build an interface box that would sit between the two.

    So, when the controlling device turns on relay 1, then the interface would
    do a momentary on then off on the switch 1 contact for the device being
    controlled. When the relay is turned off, then it would do the same again.

    But, when the relay3 is turned on (flame), the interface would then do the
    key sequence needed to turn it on on the device being controlled.

    I'm not sure if my explanation makes sense.
    Please let me know if it makes sense.

  5. Got2Go

    Got2Go Guest

    Hello group.

    Can anybody offer some feedback on this ?
    I'd like to find somebody that could design the schematic for this.
    Is there another group more suitable for this ?

    Thanks !

  6. William

    William Guest

    make a drawing at ; go to the mailbox the ID is
    'schetsen' and the password is 'diverse'. send the drawing to the same
    mailbox ''
    and I'll see what I can do for you ( for free of course )
  7. William

    William Guest

    you also can look on 12mei, there I explain about the system to send a

    the title is > 'sometimes a drawing is better to understand....'
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