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New CF bulb

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Bob Peterson, Nov 23, 2003.

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  1. Bob Peterson

    Bob Peterson Guest

    I got a new yellow CF bulb for outside today and installed it to replace the
    incandescent one there. It claims to produce the light of a 60W regular
    bulb, but since none of the dozen or so other CF bulbs I have in service
    produce what they promise, I did not expect this one to do so either.

    I was pleasantly surprised after switching it on and finding that it did
    indeed appear to be as bright as the 60W bug light it replaced.

    Brand name is Commercial Electric, bought at home depot. Kind of pricey
    (like $8) but if it lasts as long as it claims, it will be OK. Just to see
    what happens with it I wrote today's date on it to see how long it lasts.
  2. Dale Farmer

    Dale Farmer Guest

    They do produce a different spectrum of light than an incandescent
    bulb. You can get 'full spectrum' flouresents, but I've not seen them in
    CF form factor yet, just stick bulbs. They are also different in how they
    are perceived. Incandesants have a light source that is only 1-3 cm long,
    and essentially a string. The glass bulb can be frosted to increase the
    visible source area, and often is. Their color temperature is much higher,
    since that smaller area has to put out more lumens.
    Flouresents produce the light inside the entire length of the tube, and
    more light is produced by the UV striking the phosphors coating the
    inside of the bulb, which re-radiate in the visible light spectrum. So the
    effective light producing area is a surface that is rather larger. ONe can
    play with the phosphors to produce different spectrums at different
    efficiencies. ( this is where a fair amount of R&D is directed at the lamp
    companies. ) Of course as consumers, we pretty much have to take what
    they give us in this area.

  3. Bob Peterson

    Bob Peterson Guest

    This one is shaped more like a regular bulb. All the other ones are small
    tubes or spiral shapes. None of them are anywhere near as bright as what
    they claim to be equivalent to in an incandescent bulb.

    next bulb that goes gets replaced with a white one of these.

    BTW - I have not had any more failures of the CF bulbs. The ones I have
    used seem to have a fairly high infant mortality rate, but after the first
    month or so of service have not had any additional failures.
  4. alt

    alt Guest

    I hate CF bulbs. The best way I can describe what I see is that they have
    the colour of death.

    Kudos on you for finding a bulb that works for you though.
  5. m Ransley

    m Ransley Guest

    Try T8 Slyvania 2X more light than CFL and better color picts for
    you. \

    T8 the way to go , up to 100 lpw. vs . 60 per watt , CFL
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