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New APC UPS battery charging yet drops charge %

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I have had an APC 500 UPS for years. The battery started giving
    warnings that it needed replaced. I didn't listen right away and
    eventually the old battery caused problems. I ended up loosing two
    PSU's and having flaky results on my WIFI AP until I realized the
    problem was the UPS. So I removed the UPS.

    I replaced the APC 500 UPS battery with a battery direct from APC. I
    let it charge for a day before putting it back in. It is now back in
    place and running. The APC software asked me if I replaced the battery
    and I selected that I had.

    Now the battery is going from 100% charged down. Right now it is at
    78% and dropping slowly. Is this normal calibration? I can't find
    anything about this on the web. I am worried that this is not normal
    and there are additional problems with the UPS.
  2. Mark Fortune

    Mark Fortune Guest

    If I remember correctly, APC units do tend to do this during a
    calibration test, and it takes a while too, although I cant remember
    exactly how long. I noticed this problem too when I installed an apc
    unit and spent a few hours trying to get hold of apc to find out that
    this was indeed normal calibration. It should recharge again after it
    hits 0%. I wouldnt count on it for backup power purposes until it
    finishes its calibration though.
  3. Mark Fortune

    Mark Fortune Guest

    Oh and by the way, if you disconnect the power to the UPS during the
    calibration, I seem to recall it will charge the battery to full and
    restart the calibration.
  4. Guest

    Your right. That's what it did. It's now back to 100% and running
    normal. Thanks.
  5. ^Khelben^

    ^Khelben^ Guest

    Good, glad I could shed some light on the matter :)

    p.s. please do not respond to this g-mail account - I never read it,
    probably have 54839589380 spam messages waiting for me.
  6. Guest

    Same here. That's about all I use this gMail account for - posting
    here. And signups with things that I thing will result in spam.
  7. Mark Fortune

    Mark Fortune Guest

    May aeons ago I did actualy pride myself in having a gMail account at
    one time, and then the novelty wore off (within about a week). It's just
    whilst I was away from home yesterday I had little choice but to use
    google groups (although I supposed I could have used outlook express

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