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New Amphenol Circa 1950s Microphone Connectors

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I had to purchase of box of 25 of these connectors to make cables for
    some of my old Heathkit instruments. I am now selling off the excess.

    Those of you who know what these things are will likely already know
    how difficult they are to find today, particularly in new condition.

    During the 1950s through 1970s this was the connector used on most high
    impedance microphone and audio lines. It was also heavily employed on
    Heathkit test equipment, and even the CDV-700 geiger counter.

    These connectors are so new that they almost sparkle, and if you are
    into vintage equipment, you likely will want some. This is the female
    connector that generally is attached to the cable, and mates with its
    male equivalent that is usually chassis mounted.

    Harry C.
  2. PJ

    PJ Guest

  3. Guest

    John, read the ad again. The starting bid is $7.50 and shipping is
    FREE. This beats Ken's prices when you factor in the fact that postage
    is included and these are brand new Amhenol made connectors, not some
    offshore knock-off.

    $10 is the Buy it Now price, and also includes FREE shipping.

    How much does Ken charge for shipping, and is he selling actual
    Amphenol connectors or some cheap oriental made crap?


    Harry C.
  4. Guest

    Thanks for posting that link PJ.

    Clearly some people don't appreciate quality as much a number of the
    bidders on this item did.
    Also, take time to look at my eBay feedback, particularly from the
    buyers who have purchased from me.

    Note that I also offer FREE postage on these top of the line
    connectors, unlike some sellers who are offering "Calrad" brand
    connectors (offshore crap) and want more for shipping than they do for
    the item itself.

    When I absorb my packing, shipping, eBay fees, and Paypal fees, I am
    lucky to clear a profit of no more than $1.50 on each connector sold.
    Show me any eBay "Power Seller" who would be willing to operate on
    margins this tight!

    I will go back and look at my eBay add again, because I have no idea
    where John got the idea that I was charging $5.00 for shipping,
    although their posting software sometimes screws up. At any rate,
    shipping on these connectors is FREE, and is shown as being FREE on
    their search summary and the ad itself.

    The fact is that I was trying to be a good guy and offer these quality
    and difficult to find connectors to people in all parts of the USA,
    rather than simply marching them down to the MIT Ham Flea Market and
    selling them for $5.00 a pop + MA sales tax.

    Just goes to show that in spite of excellent intentions, you can't
    please everyone. (Fortunately, I've a good record in pleasing those who
    have actually purchased every one of my items.)

    Kindest regards, Harry C.
  5. Guest

    John, in case you missed it...The last line of my eBay ad for the
    connector states:

    "Individual connectors will be shipped in a padded envelope via USPS
    First Class Mail. Packing and shipping is included in your purchase

    Since this statement evidently confused you into thinking I was
    charging and additional $5.00 on top of the $7.50 initial bid price,
    perhaps you can suggest how I might clarify it more?

    Then too, don't you feel that and original Amphenol high impedance mike
    connector, at $7.50 including shipping offers far more value to the
    buyer than does a $3.00 Calrad connector with perhaps several dollars
    postage on top of the price?

    John, based on your posts and helpfulness in the past, I gave you
    credit for being far more astute than this.

    Kindest regards, Harry C.
  6. Guest

    John, just out of curiousity I checked out Ken's website. Nice, but
    here's an interesting fact:

    I'm charging $7.50 postpaid for the genuine Amphenol 75-MC1F connector.

    Ken's price for an unidentified brand connector is $3.90, but his
    shipping charge is $3.95, bringing to total cost of the connector to

    At my outrageous eBay price of $7.50, I'm actually selling a real
    Amphenol product cheaper than Ken is selling an offshore knockoff!!
    :) Such is life.

    John, you run into some really strange correspondence when you sell on
    eBay. I recently sold off a batch of 25 new 829B tubes and matching
    sockets (which I imported from China 2 years ago). One potential buyer
    emailed me asking if the 829B could be run off a 9-volt battery, while
    another wanted to know if he could use it for an amplifier on his cell
    phone! I'm not kidding.

    On another occasion, I rescued two unopened Infocom computer games from
    a pile of things going out for the trash since they were targeted to
    CPM machines. I figured that I might get $5 each for them...maybe. The
    two games combined actually brought in over $1,100 to my happy
    surprise! Unknown to me there are people who collect Infocom games,
    and these two particular games were evidently 'the pick of the litter'.
    You never know what to expect when selling something on eBay.

    By the way, the 829B tubes and sockets all sold at the 'Buy It Now'
    price of $15, plus $8.00 for Priority Mail shipping. All of the buyers
    were extremely happy with their purchase...and posted glowing feedback.
    I made around $3.00 on each sale, so you don't get rich on this type of

    No bids on the Amphenol connectors yet, but there are over 20 people
    watching them so there is still hope! :)

    Kindest regards, Harry C.
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