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NET10 Cell Phone Costs?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by W. eWatson, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    Several years ago we started using NET10 cell phones. They offer a plan
    for 10 cents a minute. However, your total minutes are lost if you don't
    buy more in some period. Two (600 min) and six (1000 min) months plans
    are available. I use it sporadically and only when I'm away from our
    small town. I might use 400 minutes in an entire year. However, to keep
    the service, I always purchasing more than I need. As a consequence, I
    currently have 1600 min. In one month I will have to buy more. This in
    my view is a losing proposition.

    Is there a plan with another company that's more comfortable for my
    situation? Comments?
  2. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    Yes, I think you have it right. My wife and I looked if over. We are
    really paying $180/year, and accumulating minutes far beyond what we
    might use. It's sort of like who cares. I am heading for a tracphone
    when I cancel the current phone.

    Another thought on this is why not take advantage of the web connection?
    At the moment, there is no useful description for how to use it. I
    called NET10, and they offered to lead me through the basic steps. I'd
    be better off with a booklet that explained it. Then too my wife thinks
    web connections might be slow. At 25 cents a minute, one can afford to
    do some experimenting.
  3. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Pageplus, a Verizon MVNO, requires $10 every 120 days (10 cents per
    minute), which is their most expensive refill per minute. That's around
    $2.50 per month compared to Net10's $15 minimum per month.

    $80 buys you 2000 minutes that are good for a year (4 cents per minute),
    available from dealers (including online dealers, but not direct from
    PagePlus). The longest you can get from Net10 is 1500 minutes for 180
    days for $100 (6.67 cents per minute).

    PagePlus also offers 400 minutes for $25 (6.25 cents per minute) and
    1000 minutes for $50 (5 cents per minute), all of which have a 120 day
    expiration. There is also a 50 cent per month service charge subtracted
    from your account. So $30 a year would buy you [$30-(12*0.50)]/0.10=240

    Texts are 8 cents each. Data is 60 cents/MB.

    Don't ever forget to add money at least every 120 days, unless you're on
    the one year plan.

    PagePlus also offers some packages. One is 1200 minutes, 2000
    text/multimedia messages, and 100MB of data, for $30 per month. 100MB of
    data isn't a tremendous amount, but in reality if you use Wi-Fi whenever
    available, and aren't doing dumb things like downloading/uploading video
    or huge JPG files, 100MB of 3G data is sufficient for a lot of users.

    You can use any Verizon phone except an iPhone, and except Verizon
    InPulse prepaid phones (they used to activate the latter but got upset
    about people doing that).

    Just be sure that you usually use the phone in areas with Verizon native
    coverage because roaming outside of Verizon territory is 29 cents per
    minute. In reality it's pretty rare for roaming to occur, but there are
    some rural areas where the CDMA carrier is some other carrier. I.e. if
    you go to parts of California's gold country, or Yosemite, the carrier
    is not Verizon, but Golden State Cellular. In some rural places in
    Oregon the carrier is U.S. Cellular.
  4. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Tracfone is not as good a deal as Pageplus.
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