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Neon indicator

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by John Dunkley, Oct 22, 2004.

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  1. John Dunkley

    John Dunkley Guest

    I have a freezer that has a neon 'on' indicator. This indicator is approx
    15mm X 15mm square and clips into a face plate not unlike a Clipsal or
    similar manufacturer GPO face plate used domestically.

    These neon's start to dim as soon as they are installed and are somewhat
    useless to see from a distance after about 3 months.

    Can anyone suggest a direct fit replacement? - 240 volt ac.

  2. KLR

    KLR Guest

    I suppose you could use the "clipsal" type ones - have a couple
    installed in the house next to light switches that switch outside
    lights that cant be seen from inside, and they are very visible in
    most conditions I find.

    have seen these in red, blue and green, and vaguely remember seeing
    them used in commercial cold rooms 20 or so years back to indicate
    "internal light on" "fan on" etc

    if they dont fit in the freezer light housing as an assembly you can
    always cut one open and pull the guts out of it and re-install in the
    freezers light housing.
  3. John Dunkley

    John Dunkley Guest

    You have the right idea, what I want is a replacement so I don't have to use
    these indicators as they dim-out after a few months. Something like a LED
  4. Google is your friend John :)
    Try "mains led' and you will have hours of reading !
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