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Neighbor With Loud Music!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Radio Man, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. Radio Man

    Radio Man Guest

    My basement apartment neighbor plays his very
    loud cd stereo system. (rap music) His system is approximately twelve
    feet from my 1st flr apt. I tried a rational conversation with
    him as well as complaining to the landlord but to no avail.
    Is there a means of electrically interferring with his stereo?
    Unfortunately a signal generator has no affect. I don't care
    about the legality of any suggestions i undertake! I just want
    results!!! The above has been cross posted with other groups.

    Thank You
  2. Get a ham radio license. An indoor antenna and the proper selection of
    frequency and output power will fix you(him) right up.
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Is there anything in your lease about noise? If the landlord
    is not providing a habitable space, you probably have legal
    rights. Look over your lease very carefully. There is very
    likely some kind of organization you can go to that can help
    you out with this - like an injunction where if the landlord
    doesn't stop the noisemaker, you can legally withhold the
    rent or something.

    THAT will get his attention!

    But in any case, don't lower yourself to his level of classlessness
    by retaliating - that only makes things worse.

    Good Luck!
  4. Chris W

    Chris W Guest

    Keep in mind this will only work if he is listening to the radio.
    Getting one of those gadgets to play your portable mp3 player on your
    car radio, through an FM station, would work. Put in some classical
    music, and plug this thing
    into the head phone jack of whatever is playing the music and tune it to
    the station he is listening to. On second thought getting one of those
    test CD's that have a "white noise" test signal on them might be better,
    or maybe plug it into the output of an AM radio that is tuned into some
    good static lol.

    If he is playing CD's or tapes, you will need something more than a
    simple transmitter to stop it. A strong electromagnetic pulse can,
    depending on the strength and distance, permanently or temporarily
    disable any electronic device with in range. I wouldn't recommend doing
    that though, since it could kill anything electronic in your apartment
    and his. A lower intensity pulse would be safer but you would have to
    be very close to his stereo to have any effect.

    Chris W

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  5. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    I tried a rational conversation with him
    Rich is right. This is a legal matter.
    Doing something illegal yourself will weaken your case.
    Let the cops and judges do their jobs.
    You're paying them anyway.

    You often only get someone's attention when it starts costing him
  6. Bob

    Bob Guest

    The word "rap" should never be used as an adjective for "music".

    Give a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day.
    Set a man afire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

  7. Gareth

    Gareth Guest

    Maybe, but a signal powerful enough to do so would interfere with lots
    of other electrical devices in your area. This could result in you
    getting into serious trouble, as well as being a danger to your health.

    I suggest that you look up the relevant laws in your area and make a
    complaint to the relevant authority. For example, in England it is an
    offence under the "Environmental Protection Act 1990" to cause a noise
    nuisance. I'm sure your country will have similar laws.

    Try Googling for:

    <your city name> "noise nuisance"


  8. mike

    mike Guest

    If you're unconcerned with legality, forget about electrical devices.
    Devices from Smith & Wesson have been known to provide excellent
    On the off chance that you really ARE concerned with legality, borrow a
    sound level meter
    and verify that the noise exceeds the legal level in your situation.
    Cops may even have one they can help you with.
    Often, annoying sound levels are perfectly legal. Know where you stand
    legally before you proceed. Intentionally interfering (electromagnecly)
    with his music
    IS illegal. You may become the only criminal involved in the dispute.

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  9. Kitchen Man

    Kitchen Man Guest

    A CB radio might do the trick. Believe it or not, similar problems
    arise in military barracks. I saw a case where the problem was
    reversed, a friend who never intruded with his music would get his
    speakers filled with lively trucker conversation from a fellow
    downstairs who ran a CB base station. I'm not sure what level the
    interference creeped in at, he said the CB audio would not be picked up
    when doing audio recording.

    Bear in mind that intentionally becoming a nuisance is a bit boorish.
  10. You can put up a screen of your own sounds, by playing some music all the
    time, 24/7, which will mask most of the sounds from the neighbor. Your
    music does not have to be anywhere near as loud as your neighbors music,
    because you are a lot closer to your own music. I have found this to be
    the best remedy against disturbances from neighbors.

    Put stereo loudspeakers very close to your bed, so you can rest in your
    own universe of sounds, which is under your own control. Choose some
    music you can get used to hear constantly. If the disturbances consists
    mainly of bass sounds you can choose music with a lot of bass, to mask
    the bass sounds. Using a sound editor like cooledit you can even create
    special sound files, which disturb yourself as little as possible, and
    mask the unwanted noises as much as possible.

    You can also build passive sound screens around the places in your
    apartment where you spend most time. Around the bed, and the workbench.
    The masking music works even better if you have some passive isolation
    too, because you can hear your own music, inside the screen, better than
    the noise, from outside the screen. And the screen dampens the sound of
    your own music, so your other neighbors do not complain about you.

    A passive soundscreen can be made from some wooden planks and some heavy
    cloth material, like mats, old type mattresses, blankets, etc.. Modern
    light materials like light-weight foam plastic and microfiber blankets
    are useless for damping sound. The material has to be heavy.
    Fiber board is good, with heavy materials like wool blankets covering all
    surfaces, both inside and outside.

    You can use a passive soundscreen in just one direction, or in more
    directions. Maybe you end up with a small house around your bed, your tv,
    your stereo and your computer, a small house inside your apartment.
    Your own little world, where neighbors cannot disturb you, where you can
    rest and sleep any time of day.
  11. Guest

    Would those "noise-cancelling headphones" work in this case?

  12. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    The ones that some airlines (notably American) hand out with the DVD
    players certainly do work. Wearing those, I can actually sleep on an

  13. Yes, if you can afford them. But it becomes very irritating to have them
    on for long periods of time. You can hardly learn to sleep with them on,
    and getting to sleep whenever you feel like it is essential in this

    It is possible to build a big version of noise cancelling headphones, so
    you can live inside the chamber instead of just putting your ear inside

    Build a passive shield. Walls and a roof over a big bed with
    television, computer and stereo inside. If the disturbance from from
    under your apartment you can start by putting a thick layer of mats on
    the floor. The quality of the walls is not so important, as long as it
    dampens the sound 20-40dB or more.

    Mount a big loudspeaker in the wall closest to the noise source. Put a
    microphone further away from yourself outside the walls.

    Amplify the signal from the mic and send it to the loudspeaker, with a
    polarity switch, so you can choose the best cancelling polarity. The same
    speaker can serve as the center bass speaker in your stereo inside the
    walls, mix the bass signal and the noise cancelling signal.

    I have not tried electronic noise cancelling yet, but I am working on it.

    Not that I have extremely noisy neighbors but I am used to live in the
    forest and I am hypersensitive to noise from neighbors.

    Another strategy you can try is to print out flyers or small books about
    creationism in theory and practice, and explain how detrimental to
    humankind these old traditions and initiation rites are.

    It can be in the form of an initation to join the "Humanists against
    Creationism" movement. A movement which tries to put an end to the
    traditional "creation" of manly minds and the "creation" of the eternal
    love, and the "creation" of the holy marriage, and the "creation" of the
    holy mind, based on the holy wrath.

    All this "creating" requires a lot of violence and mobbing, to make men
    very very angry, determined and controlled before the girls make him
    happy, or he dies.

    These social "creation" processes have been going on for many thousands
    of years. These traditions and gender roles are beginning to dissolve in
    our modern world, but they are still very much alive.

    We see how women in the western industrialized world try to become more
    like men. But it is probably not a good idea, to abolish the male
    dominated structure by making everybody into men.

    The feeling of invincibility and almightyness the man born from anger and
    love experiences is nice for him personally, but it has detrimental
    effects on all others in his social environment.

    The others are naturally scared, because a real man is a powder keg just
    waiting to explode, even if he can be a symbol for safety and protection
    too. His selfconfidence and "love" are built on a foundation of extreme
    anger, which take years to build up. All who accept his mental
    dictatorship feel nice and cosy with him, like his own girl friend/wife.

    Their kids have no choice but to accept the intensive mental atmosphere
    they grow up in. It can be a positive or negative experience, but it is
    always more intensive and excited than the untrained natural mind. The
    not-created mind is closer to a natural state of mind, but most of us
    have been strongly influenced from the creationist lifestyle in the
    society around us.

    As long as we are convinced that the "supernatural" male mind power is
    friendly, as we are as kids, it can seem like a positive thing. When we
    are thrown out of the social environment through violence we are in a
    terrible situation.

    If you want more information about humanism versus creationism use

    Create a nice document from this and put it in all mailboxes in your
    area. Create a web page too, and a yahoo group :) put links to the web
    in the flyers. Make your neighbors understand how many humanists there
    are, in one way or another. Make them understand which side is which. Who
    are working to conserve the traditions and who are trying to replace them
    with new ideas, like democracy, individual freedom, equality, human
    rights, civil rights, ets.. Make them shut up in shame.

    If you are lucky this will put an end to all noise and disturbances.
    If you are unlucky you will just have started a global civil war which
    will go on for generations. That's why a lot of people are trying other
    alternatives. You see and hear them all the time in media.
    This is what everybody is talking about, all the time, on all channels,
    more or less successfully.

    You need an unnaturally excited brain to hear what they are really

    With good sound proofing you can ignore it all and sleep, and build
    electronics, instead. And think more clearly than any of those minds
    which are blinded by anger, created love, self-determination, ego, sex,
    alcohol, will-power, etc..

    Welcome to the real world.
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