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Need to reset lamp life warning on ASK Impression 880 projector

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David Brodbeck, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. I have an ASK Impression 880 LCD projector. I need to know how to reset
    the lamp life warning. I assume it's in the service menu, but I don't
    know the code to get in. I already replaced the lamp and ballast,
    because the old ballast blew quite spectacularly a few months ago.
  2. carneyke

    carneyke Guest

    IIRC : There is a switch on the motherboard. Turn unit off (unplug),
    open cover and set switch (only one on mother board) to opposite
    position that it is in. Put cover back on, plug in and go. Thats
  3. Thanks. I remember seeing that switch and wondering what it was for. ;)
    I previously had the unit apart to retrofit a new lamp and ballast,
    after the original ballast blew up in spectacular fashion.

    Maybe if I'm lucky I can reach in through the lens hole with a diddle
    stick and flip the switch, so I don't need to take the whole thing apart
    again. ;)
  4. Well, I took it apart, but I couldn't find a switch anywhere. I could
    have sworn I remembered there being one, but I also used to have a very
    similar, but slightly older, ASK projector and it could be that I'm
    remembering it, instead.

    Under the OPTIONS menu, there's a SERVICE option that I suspect is the
    answer, but when I select it I get a little box that says "SERVICECODE?"
    and I'm not sure how to proceed from there.

    I need to figure this out because, without a reset, after another 50
    hours the projector will shut itself down and become a very large
    paperweight. ;)
  5. carneyke

    carneyke Guest

    Sorry the switch information was for the ASK 960.
    I have changed lamps in the ASK 880 but can't find any information on
    resetting the timer. I seem to remember removing the lamp "tripped" a
    switch. Maybe you have to go into a menu or something while it
    displays the lamp timer message. You may have to remove the lamp again
    and "trip" the switch. When it is turned back "on" the firmware will
    sense the lamp change and you will have to either "agree" it has been
    changed and push the correct button or "disagree" by doing something
    else. Keep trying as you will figure it out. I figured it out and
    didn't make any special notes. Good Luck.
  6. Hmm. I don't remember anything special on the lamp sockets. They seemed
    like typical HID bulb sockets, just one wire per socket. Perhaps a
    complicating factor here is that the original lamp sockets, ballast, and
    ignitor are gone. I retrofitted generic replacements after the original
    ballast blew up. There were two temperature switches on the brackets
    that held the lamp assembly, but I put those back in place.

    I suppose it's possible there were some kind of sensing electronics in
    the ballast or ignitor that could detect a new bulb, but I don't
    remember noticing anything special about the wiring for those, either.
    Like my other ASK projector the lamp ballast seemed to be powered by its
    own tap off the 120V input, completely independent of the display

    Maybe I'll take it apart again and give the lamp compartment another
    careful look, some time soon.
  7. Guest

    I only replaced the lamp rest is still original components, don't
    think it will reset by itself there must be someting hiding behind the
    service menu otherwise they wouldn't lock it with a code.
    Wrote an email to euro [email protected] and asked them how to reset the
    lamp timer but ofcourse they pointed me to a repairshop, you got to be
    qualified they said, working with this stuff for almost 30 years I
    count myself as qualified :)
    I'll be back as soon as I get any useful info.
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