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need to lift something automatically

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by mindesign, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. mindesign

    mindesign Guest

    Hi all

    wondering if anyone knows of a system or components that would enable me to
    set up an automatic lift - At the press of a button, I need it to be raised
    approximately 300mm. Press same button and it lowers. the whole thing would
    900mm long, by 70mm deep, by 500 high, with 300 of it protruding when in the
    position. the whole thing will only weight a maximum of 5 kilos.

    For anyone wondering, it is for an exhaust fan, designed to raise and lower
    either manually or if possible, by a temperature sensor. When not in use, it
    would be flush with the surface of the table I intend to use.

    Any help gratefully appreciated

  2. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    One option is to use lead screws, which can be as simple as standard
    threaded rod driven by a stepper or geared motor . A lot depends on how much
    room you have underneath.
  3. mindesign

    mindesign Guest

    ho again

    being a full depth cabinet of 900 height, that shouldn't be an issue

  4. swanny

    swanny Guest

    Get an old pantograph jack and attach a (reversible) motor to it.
  5. You can buy these with a 12V motor already fitted.
    I saw one last week, now I can't remember where...
  6. mindesign

    mindesign Guest

    Would be keen to know where - if you can recall


  7. It might have been in the advertising guff that fell out
    of yesterday's Melbourne Herald-Sun. Will check tonight.
  8. mindesign

    mindesign Guest

    many thanks!


  9. Nope, I checked, must've seen it on the web. A bit of googling
    showed they're called scissor jacks, and "electric scissor jack"
    yields a few AU auction listings and this:

    Best of luck.
  10. two bob

    two bob Guest

    Global Sources? How many hundreds are you after?
  11. mindesign

    mindesign Guest

    well said


    one to begin with - housed inside a kitchen cabinet, to raise and lower an
    extraction fan , the style of which IS available in the USA but not here.

    I can build everything required but don't want to have to build the logic
    and mechanism

    have a look

    great solution for an island bench when one doesn't want to use a huge hood
  12. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    I think that'd only work for where the hotplates/burners are one deep. For a
    standard 4 burner stove, I doubt the fan would have any hope of sucking off
    steam/smoke from the front burners.

    Incidentally, my lifting idea was for the corner of a small kitchen where
    the under-bench space was unusable, so I thought about a system where you
    could have a benchtop that could be replaced by an appliance that was lifted
    into place. Couldn't quite work out the details though :(
  13. Terryc

    Terryc Guest

    Nice idea, but forget it if that is the only reason.
    Instead, find yourself a good maker of custom kitchens[1], not a kit
    constructor as most are.

    Our's, less fridge, is in 2.1x1.8m and we have full use of the corners.
    Yes, they are deep, but frankly with pots in one and food in the other,
    this isn't a problem.

    [1] the kitchen was so good, that we had him make two custom computer
    benches/desks for the office. The only problem is that after 10+ years,
    the mouse spot is so smooth, even opticals have trouble {:-(
  14. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    This is a 1.4m x 2m kitchen - very small. Once you factor in a 600mm
    benchtop along the side and end, it's only 800mm x 1.4m. I've been through
    pretty much every option for using the under-bench in the corner, inlcuding
    the Hettich(sp?) and Blum corner devices (none of which will fit as there's
    not enough space either side of the corner) and am at a bit of a loss.
    That's where the idea of having the coffee machine and grinder descend into
    the corner space to be replaced with benchtop came from, and it seemed like
    a cool project. However, it's rather hard to implement, so I haven't pursued
    it too far.
    Get a decent mouse mat. For precise work, I find that with optical mice,
    anything but a clean grey surface is way too dodgy.
  15. Terryc

    Terryc Guest

    Similar to ours, just smaller. Yes, it is a one person kitchen or two
    with care.

    Basically out bottom shelving is U shaped. On the left is dishwasher,
    then undersink cupboard, then corner unit (bi-fold doors). Middle of U
    is set of drawers, then the other corner unit, then stove (gas bench top
    and electric oven) and a small, thinish appliance cupboard (mixmaster
    fits). This works for us.

    The sink is very flat with one draining board on right, so if that
    suits, you can do something similar. Personally, I would put the
    draining board on the left over the dishwasher if we did it again
    (mainly to do with encouraging people to leave the flick tap in the
    coldwater position. We also fitted a filtered water tap on the lefthand
    side of the sink.

    They say you need 3 points; sink, stove and fridge as easily connected,
    which ours does, but the fridge is just like a little further away
    )microwave on top - we cook, not warm up {:).

    We have top shelves on the bottom of the U and on the right (range hood
    in middle - not ducted, but we could easily have had it).

    Note, we are not appliance people, but we have acculmulated a few, so we
    eventually set up an appliance shelf in another room (open arch acces).
    It was the slow cooker and various slicer-dicer gifts that prompted the

    Now, to bring this on-topic {:), I'd recommend two double outlets on
    the bottom wall, with under pelmet light (flour strip) switch
    incorporated into one of them. The trick is to position them so they
    discourage people from putting heat sources (electric jug, frypan) over
    the joins in the bench top. You will not use four electric appliances at
    once, but somestuff will almost be permanently plugged in.

    I also positioned a ring flourescent over the sink. Oh, yeah, window on
    left side as well, rip out window, install bench top under window and
    re-install window {:) (no splashback).

    If you want a pic, send me an email (do maths = no spam) and I can send
    you a few.

    they didn't work for me/us either. We just accepted that not everything
    needs to be at the front, e.g. rarely used casserole dish. or spare
    flour, tissues, vinegar.
    That is the hard part. I don't like them as they are too restrictive. I
    really need a better position so I just use another area, or swap to
    left handed {:).
  16. two bob

    two bob Guest

    one to begin with - housed inside a kitchen cabinet, to raise and lower an

    I have a novel idea: why not used your hands to lift it up. Next people will
    want a device that will automatically place the saucepan or frying pan onto
    the stove. Sheesh, people in our society are getting lazier by the minute.
  17. Yeah well, I didn't mean the OP should buy from them,
    but as an indication of what to look and ask for.
    For example, has anyone asked Supa Cheap Auto?
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