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need to know where the wires go

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by vze2vv6g, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. vze2vv6g

    vze2vv6g Guest

    Hi there Group :) John from NY here. I have a question about my craftsman
    bench utility motor... I took it apart to rewire it and I can't figure (or
    remember) where the wires go. It's a 115V, 6.2AMP,1/2 HP motor that spins at
    3500 RPM's. What else I know is that a white and green wire go to the
    ancient capacitor mounted in the base of this motor. It also has a
    syntrifical switch. It has white and green wires coming out of the windings
    (I think it's 2 of each). Anybody know how to put this thing back
    together??? Thanks :)
  2. Guest

    the Negative lead of the cap usually has a - or bar on the side for
    this goes to the negative L2 side of the line the positive side
    of the cap goes to the centrifugal switch it cuts out when the motor
    gets up to speed
    The diagram on the page above (cap/start induction run) should help you
    to see
    what I am saying. Line1 and line2 are your power leads L1 is black L2
    is white from power cord. I think you can make it from here

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